wie weet leuke ''versjes'' ??

ik zoek leuke versjes voor op mijn weblog/hyves
zulke als:

I do use my hairbrush as a microphone
and I dance around in my underwear;
cause that’s what real girls call FUNN!

alvast bedaaankt

When you look into my eyes,
it’s like I’m in a dream.
A Dream of my feelings for you.
a Dream of you and me.
A Dream that’s become real.
I’m living that dream now.
I’m living that dream for the rest of my life.
For ever and ever…

If only

With tears in my eyes
I hear you say you love me
I wish I could say it back
But it isn’t meant to be

I see how happy the kids are
when you come through the door
I wish I could feel the same
But it isn’t like before

Somehow things have changed
My feelings aren’t the same
My heart no longer skips a beat
by the mentioning of your name

And no matter how I try
I can’t get back on the right track
I lost the loving feeling
and can’t seem to get it back

You can miss someone who died,
and you can miss someone who moved away.
But it`s oh so much harder,
to miss someone you see every day.

It’s been a long hard road without you by my side.
I remember the days you were a hero in my eyes, but those are just a long lost memory of mine.

Cupcakes make me happy
Make me happy
When I am sad

But then I got depressed
Got depressed
And now I am fat

dankuu. ;d