Verhaal: Sophie and James (In het Engels)

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“Can you play wonder wall?” she asks , slightly flirting with him. “I’ve just played it, like 5 minutes ago, you must have missed it.” “ooh” she does her best to look disappointed. “I can play it again if you want too?” he says, lighting the cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth. She nods, and looks quite satisfied with herself as he starts playing the first cords of the song. She throws him another flirty smile. Her head feels a bit light, and she has trouble standing straight.

She walks in, still exhausted from work. She grabs a drink and joins the crowd. As she looks up to the stage she is slightly surprised to see him. He winks at her. She’s not really impressed. Thinks about the night when she embarrassed herself by drinking too much. Still she smiles back at him.

“I’m glad you made it.” He says. And so was she. “You guys where amazing, I loved it.” He went on about playing the wrong cords or something, but she wasn’t really listening. “Let’s dance, I love this song.” He grabbed her hands and draws her over to the dance floor. For some reason the hand touching made her feel weird, slightly uncomfortable even. But then they started dancing and she forgets about everything. She did probably make a fool of herself as she isn’t world’s best dancer, but well, she had fun.

He ran up to her and gave her a hug. “It’s so good to see you, how are you?” she was quietly surprised but certainly not unhappy with his greeting. “Well, I need to be in fast, ‘because I have to play a couple of songs, but just follow me.” He said. His friends started yelling at him as they came closer to the party. Apparently it was upstairs, she noticed some drunken dude screaming of the balcony. The drunken dude held out a tin of beer and started pouring it down the balcony. He led go of her hand, and as they were still downstairs he opened up his mouth and tried to drink the beer the drunk dude was throwing down. She looked, quite embarrassed, around here, but everybody seems to be thinking that what he was doing is perfectly normal.

“I wrote a song for you.” She can’t stop giggling as she watches him take his guitar out of a case that is all pink a fluffy on the inside. He probably thought it was an ‘I’m so flattered you wrote me a song giggle’ cause he didn’t react. “I did sort of forgot the lyrics, I have them at home… but I’ll just make something up.” She closes her eyes as he starts playing. She liked the melody. And although the lyrics didn’t make sense at all. She still loved it, and thanked him.

She pushes him against the wall behind him. And softly presses her lips against his cheek. He turns his head slightly and they kiss for the first time. And from that moment onwards they seem to have a hard time not kissing each other, what, according to other people, could get rather irritating.

They are lying in a field and are surrounded by sheep. While she tries to make out if she isn’t accidently lying in poo, he brushes the hair out of her face and kisses her forehead. They talk about a lot of stuff. Philosophy, politics, and the universe but mainly about the fact they are strafing and stuck in the middle of nowhere. Then they start making out. She is lying on top of him, he on here. They forget about the time and they just enjoy each other. They are waken from this dream when suddenly an angry farmer is running (well, not really fast) towards them. They make a run for it a hop on their scooters.

“We can do whatever we want, we can go wherever we want!” she screams out. “Let’s go to Paris, let’s just go to Paris right now!” He agrees with her. “Yes, let’s just go to Paris.” Than they are brought back to reality by the fact the both need to work tomorrow. “We can still be whoever we want to be. Let’s pretend were British! “She says laughing. “No, let’s say were from Sweden , people will notice our accent.” He answers. “Okay, I’ll be Sophie and you can be… Thom… no… James, you’ll be James !” He looks a bit puzzled and then agrees that James is quite a nice name. As they are walking true Amsterdam they start randomly talking to strangers, making up their life story as they go.

“Dick…” she whispers as they are walking true a crowded street. He Laughs and then says “Dick” out loud. He looks at her, challenging here to scream. “DICCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK” She screams not holding back what so ever. He looks surprised and also a bit embarrassed as people start looking at them.“Do you think it’s concrete?” She asks him as they are looking at a surface bordered by red and white tape. “I think so, Lets wright our names.” He answers. She feels a bit nervous and keeps looking around if nobody’s watching. “Okay, let’s do this, she agrees. The feel rather stupid as they end up pressing their thumbs in a substance identical to mud
“You know… it’s just like the story of the caterpillar who turned in to a butterfly. We shouldn’t be afraid for something we don’t know.” They are sitting outside her house. Her hands are around him and she’s trying to comfort him, but she is well aware that she isn’t good at those things. “What story?” He asks her in quite an emotional voice. “Well, don’t get me wrong okay ? It is okay to be said and angry, but don’t blame yourself. You don’t know what happens after death. Nobody does. The story goes something like this, I don’t really remember”: There once was a caterpillar, he had a lot of friends and was a really nice caterpillar. When he started making a cocoon his friends thought he was really sick, Cause he wouldn’t move anymore. He stayed in the cocoon for a long time. And all his insects friends said goodbye to him. They wept and they wept. They were really said as they thought he was dead. But at night when all the insect were sleeping out of the cocoon flew a beautiful butterfly. He could fly and it felt so good. And when he looked down from above, he saw his friend still weeping over his ‘death’. He flew near them, to reassure them. He wanted to say “He mate, I’m fine, even better I can fly now, I’m having an awesome time, don’t you be said!” But he didn’t speak their language anymore. He thanked her for the story, although it wasn’t hers. And she somehow knew she could trust him, as he gave her so much of himself.

She was sitting in bed, Looking at him. They never had a fight, she thought. And for some odd reason this worried her. She was worried he would leave her, worried their love just wouldn’t be strong enough. She had seen it in previous relationship, either she got bored or they left. Eventually they always leave. “I love you and I will miss you so much” “I love you too, you know I do and I will never leave you.” He said exactly what she wanted to hear. He always said what she wanted to here. She tries not to, but she always questions the truth of his words. She loved him more than any boy she had met before. And he must have loved her as well. And his words were probably truth at this moment right now. As he was staring at her, comforting her. But things change over time and space. Love may be relevant is this life, but would it still be relevant as she moves away? And if he forgets about her, would that make him a liar , as he promised her he would stay until she died? She doesn’t really want to think about it anyway. She lays her head against his shoulder and closes her eyes, enjoys one of many lovely moments they had as she isn’t sure whether there are a lot more to come.

“ Okay c’mon , you go first.” They are looking up at a big windmill. They promised each other to climb it. “Okay I’ll go first” he tells her. She smiles at him and giggles. “This is scary…!” He walks towards the windmill and starts climbing the wing. He gets halfway and smiles at her. She takes out her camera and takes a picture. He comes down and she knows it is here turn now. “You will tell me when someone is coming right?” he nods. As she starts climbing the wing she noticed how beautiful the sky is. The stars are really bright. And as she is climbing higher and higher she screams “It’s like a stairway to heaven, this is amazing.” He laughs “yes, it is amazing, isn’t it?.. the stars they are so bright” Than suddenly they both her a sound. “Shit, someone coming.” He whispers. As fast as she can she starts climbing down. The last bit she jumps. Her ankles hurt but she keeps running and jumps on the back of his scooter and as fast as they can they drive away.

End than the moment arrived were he just stopped talking to her.

And like all stories , the story of Sophie and James has come to an end. However this story does not end like most stories end. This story has no plot, it ends as abruptly as it starts. And it will hopefully leave the reader feeling as unsatisfied and hopeless as Sophie felt when her story ended.

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