Untiteld- Engels geschreven stukje verhaalx

Hey, ik heb een stukje verhaal geschreven in het Engels. Sorry als er fouten in staan, ik ben niet geweldig in Engels. Laat een reactie achter met wat je ervan vond, dankjewel xx

[i]I always lived a normal life, with normal parents and a sister who is younger as me. We live in a normal house in a village and I go to school here. But after I touched a beautiful sparkling stone, things changed.

One day I was walking in the forest. It was a sunny day, but not too warm or cold. I was at the end of my walk, when I saw something under a few leaves. It looked like a rock, but it was sparkling and had different colours. I wanted to pick it up, but the moment I touched it, it felt like I got a shock. Al kinds of light came out of the rock. It felt of something tried to get into me and it seems like it worked. I passed out, I don’t know for how long, but when I woke up the rock was gone. I stood up and did go to home, like nothing happened. That’s where it started.

After a week, things changed. The daily routine didn’t change, but something in my head changed. The way I looked at things was different. Normal when someone said something about me, I would not react, but when someone says something about me now, a little voice in my head starts talking. He says to me that I should say something mean or do something mean. I try to ignore the voice, but he keeps coming back. The voice is talking more. Not only when someone says anything mean, when I see a person who ever was mean to me, the voice says I should slap them in the face. I never slapped of kicked someone, but I don’t know how much longer I can ignore the voice…

hier en daar wat foutjes maar zo als je zei je bent niet geweldig in engels

Maar leuk verhaal…klinkt interessant