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New Moon (/Nieuwe Maan)
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Breaking Dawn
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De vertaling van Breaking Dawn (/Morgenrood) verschijnt in 2010.
Klik hier voor de eerste hoofdstukken van Midnight Sun.


Twilight (2008)
New Moon (2009)

Eclipse Movie and New Moon


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[i]Er zijn 4 boeken in de twilight saga;
Twilight/ NL; Twilight
New Moon/ NL; Nieuwe Maan
Eclipse/ NL; Eclips
Breaking Dawn

De vertaling van Breaking Dawn komt in 2010 uit, en gaat Morgenrood heten.[/i]

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Eclipse Set Details – Bella Swan’s House

Malicious Mandy has a few set up dates as to what has been going on at the Eclipse set for Bella Swan’s house -

They did a brief shoot at Bella’s house late afternoon. A few fans were there and one emailed me to say Taylor and Kristen were there. It is my understanding that Rob may have been there also, though I can’t confirm.

The other day when they were at Bella’s house filming “Edward was yelling at Jacob for kissing Bella” and after about 15 takes they wrapped.


Also, in the New Moon Movie Companion it says Bella’s house will stay up until the franchise is done, however, security was saying it would soon be torn down. I winder if they will tear it down and store it until Breaking Dawn or what the plan is for Breaking Dawn…. time will soon tell I suppose.

Here is Mandy’s Eclipse set Bella’s house update from yesterday -

Obviously today’s scene takes place in the Fall… but what scene?

**edit – yes Eclipse is graduation which is the Spring/Summer… could it be a Dream Sequence? I know they have done a lot of those…. hmmm….

after *JUST* reading the New moon Movie Companion Guide I am all confused on my stories…. (the seasons change outside Bella’s house to show passing of time during her depression without Edward in New Moon) but this is Eclipse soooo…

What scene do you think it is?

I do wonder WHO plants flowers and puts up awnings and pumpkins? Charlie is busy all the time and Bella is, well, preoccupied with her men… ha ha ha… yet their home is always up-to-date with the seasons and holidays neccessities LOL

She brings up an interesting point! Not exactly sure what they are filming at the Swan residence!

What do you guys think? We love hearing your theori

bella&edward pic :grin:

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nop, had ik ookal geprobeerd in het vorige topic :frowning_face:

Waaah!! Deel 3 alweer!! Wie gaat deel 4 openen???


This is a new Eclipse set in Vancouver. So, here are your first look photos at this urban set! I hear that this set will be an urban/Seattle set for the newborns.

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Volgens mij kan dat niet, want je kunt geen html in forumposts gebruiken.

ROTFL, die is wel heel slecht. Rob’s hoofd. :’)

Bella Swan’s house? wat bedoelen ze daar mee?
Bella woont in Eclipse toch nog gewoon bij Charlie?,

Als iemand van plan om new moon in een pathé bioscoop te gaan kijken zou je beter alvast opde site kunnen chekken.
Je kunt namelijk al voorbestellen! , en ik zag dat bij sommige pathé bioscoopen de 19de al was uitverkocht.


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heb nog een paar wallpapers gevonden:
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echt taylor is nu echt zoo gespierd enzoo;o;p