The Host Fanfic ~ A new start with you on my side (English)

[i]Ian sat down on one knee and said to me: “Wanderer, my sweet Wanderer. After these two years, which already seemed like eternity, I know I want to stay with you forever. I know that you are the one I want to call mine. I know that I want to spend the rest of my life on your side. Wanderer, I know it doesn’t mean much to you but will you please marry me?”

Tears were falling on my shirt and I took his hand in mine. Ian pulled a little black box out of his back pocket and presented me a beautiful diamond ring.

“It does matter to me Ian. You are my soul mate, I want to bind myself to you in every way possible. Of course I want to marry you Ian,” I said, a smile breaking through my tears and filling my face. I wiped the tears away with the back side of my free hand while Ian put the ring on my left hand.

Ian stood up and took my face in his hands. I stood on the tips of my toes and kissed him. He lifted me up and spun me around the room. “I love you,” I told him though he already knew I did.
I sat in my chair next to Melanie, with sunglasses on, to get our hair done for my wedding today. Jeb would marry us and Melanie would be my bridesmaid. I would be Ian’s wife. Wanderer O’Shea. It sounded perfect. [/i]

“I cannot wait until the wedding,” I squalled. I was so happy to have Melanie on my side when I would walk down the aisle. I did not have anyone to give me away so I asked Melanie if she would give me away and be my bridesmaid.

We had our hair done somewhere in a salon. We told the hairdressers she was blind so she had to keep her sunglasses on. “Don’t the healers have a cure for that?” they asked us when we told them.
“They are working on a cure in New York I guess, but I don’t want to have her in New York until after the wedding. If she went now she would have to miss the wedding. And I sure want my sister to be in there when I walk down the aisle.”

We chatted some more on details of the wedding when we got our hair done. I told them about my dress, which was a ball gown. My shoes, my bouquet, my veil, my wedding ring. Everything except the location. Also I had brought a picture with me so they knew what I wanted my hair to be like.

I wanted everything to be perfect.

Just tell me if you want to see some pictures. I have some ready if you want them!

Waarom doe je alles - inclusief de niet verhaal teksten in t engels?
Overigens volg ik wel!

Vind je het fijner als ik dat gewoon in het Nederlands doe?

I know that I want to spent the rest of my life → spend
and presented my a beautiful diamond ring → me
a smile breaking through my tears and filled my face. → filling
I wiped the tears away with back side of my free hand → ‘the’ tussen ‘with’ en ‘back’

Ik vind het tot nu toe niet erg speciaal, maar ben wel benieuwd aangezien The Host een van mijn favorieten boeken is.

Oeps, dankje

Het is trouwens ook aisle, geen ail.