The holiday-house

na, vandaag had ik dus straf werk voor engels, en ik moet dus een ghost story schrijven, maar ik had daar geen zin in + geen inspriratie, dus ik ga fv naar een vriendin called: charlotte.
wnt van haar krijg ik altyd inspiratie en toen hebben we samen ff dit verhaal verzonnen;
ojaaa, charlotte durft nu echt niet meer in haar vakantie huisje
en ; het is engels :stuck_out_tongue:
& je hbt het snel uit, wnt het is niet zo lang :wink:

xxx have fun <3


Once upon a time, there were two girls: Dieke and Charlotte.
They lived in a small town in the Netherlands, and they had just passed their exam, and so finally they had some alone time for themselves.
Charlotte asked Dieke if she wanted to go with her to her holiday-house in France.
Ofcourse Dieke couldn’t say no!
So two days later, Charlotte was waiting for Dieke to come to her house, so they could start driving to France.
It was a long trip with the car, and they stopped many times to make some beautiful pictures of the nature.
Finally they had arrived in Castelnaud, but the house was in the middle of nowhere, so they first had to drive another hour, to finally find the house.
It was a beautiful house,
large fields with cows surrounded the old-fashioned house
It was a beautiful house, large fields with cows surrounded the old-fashioned house.
It was the first time Dieke went there, Charlotte always talked about that house, about how big it was, how beautiful it was, but also: how scary it could be sometimes.
“Charlotte?” shouted Dieke. “Where are you?”.
“I’m here! In the kitchen”.
“Ok, I’m coming… what are you doing?”
“I am making tea, it’s late, so we’ll drink this and go to sleep then allright?”
“yeah that’s fine by me, I am tired, tomorrow we’ll start with cleaning up etc.”
The girls sat down on the old sofa and talked about what to do tomorrow. When their cup of tea was empty they walked upstairs. They entered a room with some furniture and one bed.
“We’re sleeping in this room, wait I’ll take another bed from the attic.”
“alright, do I need to go with you?”
“Yes, that would be nice, maybe you can help me with carrying the bed”
Charlotte and Dieke walked to the stairs.
“go first” said Dieke
“allright, are you scared or something?”
“noway, I just don’t know where I need to go”.
“yeah right, there is only one door overthere” Charlotte is laughing.
Charlotte goes first. When they arrived, it was dark. Charlotte puts the light on and walks to the corner.
“can you help me now please?”
“yeah offcourse” said Dieke
“allright, that this side”.
“sssssssstt, wait, I hear something, stt!”
For a moment there was silence.
“no that’s nothing, this is a old house you know”. Said Charlotte.
Dieke took a side of the bed and walked down the stairs.
The bed is not heavy. they put the bed into the room.
So, I am gonna brush my teeth.
While Charlotte brushed her teeth, Dieke wanted to close the curtain.
She walked to the window, but a strange light from outside took her attention.
the light was coming from a necklace… and the necklace was worn by a strange man in black clothes with a knife in his hand, and he was screaming her name!
She thought it was just an imagination because she was so tired… she does that more often,
but something in her mind said that there was something wrong.
At the same time, charlotte was in the bathroom brushing her teeth.
She looked in the mirror. Her breath was going quicker…
Instead of seeing herself, she saw a young girl looking at her…
That young girl, it was her!
Suddenly she started to feel dizzy, the room become darker and darker.
and then she saw herself as a young girl… playing in the garden, going to the cinema, talking with her sister…
Then there was a big sound, and she felt on the ground.
She didn’t know what was happening… but then she stood up, and looked in the mirror again.
She wanted to scream, but there wasn’t any sound coming out of her mouth.
There was a text written down on the mirror with blood which said: You are going to die.
She ran quick to the room where Dieke was, pretending like there was nothing going on.
She didn’t wanted to scare Dieke.
“Is everything alright?” asked Dieke.
“Yes, I’m just a little bit tired… shall we go to bed?” answered Charlotte.
“Yes I would like to, but we don’t have any pillows”.
“Oh, I will search some at the attic”
Charlotte walked up the stairs. It was dark, but she wasn’t afraid of darkness.
She went in to the room, and opened the door of the closet where the pillows where stored.
Then suddenly a man grabbed her and she jelled.
Dieke heard it, but she thought that Charlotte probably saw a spider or something.
After ten minutes, Charlotte still wasn’t back.
Dieke was becoming worried, so she went upstairs too.
Then she turned pale. Charlotte was in the middle of the room.
But Charlotte wasn’t Charlotte anymore… everywhere was blood. Charlotte was dead.
And the thing that scared her the most, was the necklace from Charlotte which was giving light.
The same necklace as the man! She knew she had to go away, this could end bad for her too!
She ran downstairs. She wanted to open the door, but a voice behind her said she couldn’t.
“Don’t open the door.” Said the voice.
Dieke was scared, she didn’t know that to do.
“Who… are you?” said Dieke.
“I’m someone, you would have preferred you never met.” Said the voice again… it was a man voice. Dieke knew it was the man she has seen from the window.
She was hopeless.
“Please… don’t kill me” were the last words Dieke could say.
Because two seconds after she said that, a knife was going right into her heart.
Her life has ended.
A holiday which has to be so great, turned out to be hell.

Ik heb er trouwens, wel eenbeetje veel spellingsfouten in gedaan maar oke ;O

heel coel verhaal hebben we gemaakt hoor dieke

ik durf nu serieus echt niet meer naar me huis hoor ;p

x loveyou (L)

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Je Engels is prima.


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