Talking English

Hey! I thought it was fun to make a forum where we can talk in English, no Dutch words or something.
I know there already is a English talking forum but the last time it was used was in 2011.
I do not know but I like to talk in English, also with friends so maybe it is fun to talk with each other in English. The subject, everything!

Who’s with me?

ps. It doesn’t care if your English isn’t perfect like mine :grinning:

I don’t know what you mean with that last sentence but if you mean that it doesn’t care that it isn’t as perfect as your English then I want to say that you’re English isn’t perfect either. If you mean that yours isn’t perfect too then ignore this :grinning:

But great idea!

I meant that my English isn’t really good, I understand you can also explain it that way…


Haha okay! Then I got you wrong! Sorrryyy!

and now I’m gonna fangirl over MKTO

Haha, nice idea! I want to practice my English more, so I think this is a good beginning. (:

I’m sorry but what is MKTO, do I really say something stupid now…

Yeaahh, i’m in! I love English haha, and i could use some practice i guess.


Yeey more people!


You’re not! Haha I didn’t knew them before yesterday. Have you ever watched Gigantic? MKTO are two guys and they were Anna’s brother and Pipers stephbrother

Saw them on tv and I fell in love with Tony dngjbnkgbe

Oh nevermind, already clear :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t want to ruin this, but the latest reaction in the topic I linked above, is from February 2013.

Then I saw another one, then this one can be closed :grinning: