~story~ I just wanted to...

[i]I just wanted to love.
I just wanted to please.
I just wanted to give.
I just needed you.
I just wanted to dance.

He was always gone. He was on the stage he was dancing.
There he stand, looking at me.
He looked at me with the question marks in his deep brown eyes.
‘Are you happy?’
‘Yes my dear,’ he replied.
‘Are you lying to me?’ I asked.
‘Yes… aren’t I supposed to?’ I looked at him, in his eyes there was a flame.

All lies. All fake. Why was I still here?

I was not jealous, I was not jealous that he was on the stage with other girls. I was not jealous that he danced, with other girls. I wanted to be jealous. However, you cannot be jealous on something you never had.

I softly touched the curtains and closed my eyes. I knew, it where just all lies.

He walked away, without giving me another glance. I knew he burned. I knew my flame was extinguished and he knew it too. He knew I could not handle it anymore. He had burned me, he had broken me, and he had killed me.

His softly breathed in my neck.
‘Are you coming to bed with me?’ he asked.
‘No I am staying here.’ He walked away I knew he was angry.

I did not break him. I did not kill him. I did not burn him. Not yet, at least.
It was always the same routine. From the moment the sun came up, I was alone. I was always alone. Even when he walked besides me. At six o’clock, he came home. I had made dinner for him. We did eat together, and then he leaved.

He was on stage. He was dancing. But not with me.

He came home and smiled seductive at me.
‘Welcome, dear,’ I said, ‘how was the dancing?’
He smiled again, ‘do you want to come with me, and be on the stage, and dance. Just like when where eighteen.’
‘My love, we were children. Now it is all different. I cannot dance and I cannot be on the stage. Not tonight and maybe never again.’

He was getting furious, and slapped me in my face. Then he stamped away and slammed with the door. I knew he was gone. Forever this time. He would always dance with another, and would forget me.

I sighed, my cheek burned. For a moment, I looked at my engagement ring, touched it softly, and gently with my finger. While tears were dropping down my cheek. I closed my eyes slowly, I saw myself, on the stage with him, dancing, with him. He would wrap his big comforting arms around me. And hold me tight. His seductive smile would never fade away, he would always be with me. I was on stage. Dancing with him.

I just wanted to be on stage.

I just wanted to dance.

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Er kunnen spellingfouten tussen zitten, ik ben pas net 13 dus mijn Engels is niet geweldig :’),het is een oneshot, maar ik was er best trots op dus wilde het graag met jullie delen ^^
Tips/opmerkingen zijn altijd welkom :slightly_smiling_face: [/i]

Hoewel ik inderdaad wel spellingsfouten zag :wink:

Waar, dan kan ik verbeteren :slightly_smiling_face:

Leuk om eens een Engelstalig verhaal te zien, maar als je weet dat je Engels niet zo goed is, is het dan niet wat handiger om gewoon Nederlands te schrijven? :cold_sweat:

Omdat ik het in het engels mooier vond.
En bovendien moest ik voor engels les een engels verhaaltje schrijven, dat was deze :slightly_smiling_face:

Was dit het verhaaltje al? Of gaat het nog verder? x ^

Het was een one shot, meer komt er niet nee, tenminste, voor zover ik weet niet :slightly_smiling_face:.

He was not been always as unpleasant as he looked now. He was my husband, my love. He is my murderer, and he was my flame.
I can still taste his lips, that made me burn. That made me desire to him. I felt in love with him after I danced, it was the best thing I had ever done. He made me love him. He made me wanting to please him.

‘I want to love you,’ I whispered softly.
He smiled seductive and held me close to him.
We had danced; I was enchanted of his beauty. He kissed my lips, and I closed my eyes.
His hands where touching my body, everywhere. I kissed him back, and fondled him. He moaned softly. I looked at him and felt his affection towards me. I loved it.

His brown eyes sparkled; I could swear I had never felt anything as good as he had. He could make me beg for more. He could make me crawl under his will.
Never have I felt me like that moment, loved, pleased, and pained. More than that, I did not want off him, but he gave me more…

After that time, we never danced. He created a side in me that people would fear. They would cry for the death when they saw me. That night he created a monster. Something I feared.
I hated myself from that moment. He had created it, and now it belongs to me. Now I am the monster. Now I am the killer.

I just wanted to please[/i]

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Het blijftnooit bij een keer bij mij :flushed: