Real love story's don't have endings.

Dit verhaal is van mijn vriendin, ik wil haar graag tips geven, maar ik weet niks :stuck_out_tongue: wat vinden jullie ervan?
Pre phase:

There was girl named Fay. Her parents called her after the magical Fairy?s who came in almost al the myths and legends from their tribe. But both her parents died when she was only four summers old.
She never heard what happened to them. “To young to know” her uncle had said to her. But she knew that the war between the tribes had something to do with it.
She was one of the owls, who lived together with the wolves. The ‘enemy clams’ were the mules and the bats. Early in the century, they lived miles apart, but were forced to use the same river. That was when it all went wrong actually. During midsummer, almost 50 years ago, the river dried up. They, of course, gave each other blame. The mules weren?t provident with the water. The owls were. But it was a big river and there wasn?t any reason that it would dry up any time soon. But they started a war. A real one. Without a reason.
They attacked each other at night and loads of them were killed. But the river was still dried out, so they both had to leave. The mules have always been friends with the bats, so they went over there. The owls were very good friends with the wolves, because they once saved them from a fire, burning thorough the woods.
Nowadays, they still live there. They don?t live miles apart anymore. But a seven-days walk. And the girl Fay is now sixteen summers old.
And she is curious. She wants ?demands- to know what happened to her parents. Though she knows it would hurt her, she could have peace with it. And that was all she wanted. Too move on. Accept that it was over. And without knowing how or why, she couldn?t do that.
But, we are not there yet. She still has to find ?let me call it- the clue. And then her life will change forever. At the moment, she is still clueless, literally.

  1. Nightmare
    ?Run Fay, run!? I heard. I couldn?t hear where it came from. But it sounded familiar, so I wanted to run. But I was stuck in the ground and I was sinking deeper and deeper. I could not move.
    ?Run Fay, you have to listen to me, you have to try harder, run, run!?
    This time I heard it came from behind me. I turned around and saw a little bleu light. I?ve never seen this kind of light before. ?Wait!? I wanted to shout, but I didn?t remember how to move my lips. I couldn?t remember how to move my body? how to move anything at all.
    What can I do, where am I, where is everybody? I asked myself in a blur of thoughts. I kept sinking into the ground. I started crying and I remembered how to use my voice. So, naturally, I started screaming. But then, someone was holding my hand. I opened my eyes immediately and I remembered my dream like it happened in real.
    I looked up and saw a pair of worried eyes. The most beautiful green anyone could ever imagine. It was wolf green, the colour of the woods. And for me it was the colour of hope.
    He is my boyfriend. He was there for me when they told me my parents died. I didn?t realize that they were gone when I was younger. I thought they would come back someday. They did seek for their bodies, but they never found them.
    His middle-long blond hair was wet, it was dripping on me. He realized that and pulled away. He had the most beautiful face someone could ever have seen in his life.
    His best friend is a wolf. He found him when he was still a pup. He was stuck in a river, his paw between two rocks and it was raining, so he was sinking deeper and deeper in the water. His brother was already lying dead next to him. He run up to him and jumped in the water. He pulled the rock away and took the wolf with him back to our camp. He called the wolf Nigel. Nigel is not that comfortable with people he doesn?t know. Accept for Alec of course. When he saved him, they couldn?t be apart. It was very comic actually; he is one of the wolves and has a wolf as a friend. I am one of the owls and I?ve got an owl as friend. I found her lying on the ground, parched and wounded. I took her home and took care of her. I called her Alice, from the myth Fairy and Alice. It was about a forbidden friendship, because Alice was an animal and Fairy was, well, a fairy. She is very big for an owl. Alice and Nigel are also good friends. Alice and I hunt together, the same way Alec and Nigel do. There is also a myth about Alec and Nigel. It?s about two different kinds of animal species who can talk to each other. Almost all the names from the village are from myths or legends. We have two chiefs. A very old one from almost eighty summers old named Aretha. And a young one from thirty-seven summers old named Taylor. They are both the boss over the tribe, but Aretha is older, so has more to say. Taylor had a wife called Zafra, but she died when she gave birth to their little girl Kim. She is now thirteen summers old. The myth is about Zafra and Kim, mother and daughter, also fairy?s, who can make the ill ones better. They used a stone for that, but they needed each other.
    Aretha had made its own legend. He could make his face expressionless and always knew what was going on. Taylor was just a name his parents liked.
    With my thoughts so far away I didn?t hear Alec saying my name. Like twenty times.
    ?Fay? Fay, Fay??? He said.
    ?Er, yeah, hi.? I said
    ?Are you ok? You looked at the sky like? you were not here. Is something wrong? Please tell me if I can do anything, you want something to eat?? he started talking very fast ?Do you want me to do something for you??
    ?Alec, I?m ok. I had a nightmare and I was thinking about-? I stopped half sentenced. What was I thinking about? Myths and legends, names, Alice and Nigel. Alec. ?I was thinking about my nightmare. It really took me off guard.? I couldn?t tell him what I really was thinking about. I didn?t know why, but it felt wrong. I didn?t like it.
    ?Should I get something for you?? he asked again.
    ?No, no thank you. I?m? Well, actually I am hungry. I?ll get it myself?
    ?No you don?t? he gave me a wink. He walked away and I looked in the mirror in the corner of the hut. Taylor gave it to me one day, it was from Zafra. He couldn?t bear that it was in his hut. It was made from crystal, it was small, but I could see my face and shoulders. I looked terrible. I took my comb


in de titel zit al een fout dus ik neem niet de moeite om het te gaan lezen

WEER zoeen I verhaal echt alleen maar I I I I

en NEE engels is niet leuk om te lezen als je het niet foutloos kan schrijven zie je titel…

het is niet mjn verhaal he:P
maar ik ga het tegen er zeggen :wink: