R.O.S.E Online

Hey allemaal!

Voor degenen die er nog nooit van hebben gehoord, R.O.S.E online is een mmorpg, dat is een computerspel waar je met andere mensen samen in dezelfde wereld speelt. Ik vroeg me af of andere meiden hier dit ook spelen, ik ben er namelijk helemaal weg van =D
Misschien kunnen we dan een keertje ingame meeten ofzo?

leg het eens verder uit? ik verveel me x]

Oee ik ga het ook spelen :grinning: ziet er leuk uit :slightly_smiling_face: zo met van die anime dingen :wink:

Ja het is echt super leuk =D
Dit is de website: http://www.roseonlinegame.com/
Hier kun je het spel downloaden en de beginselen een beetje leren.
Dit s wat ze zelf zeggen over rose (lang verhaal):

We don’t know where Arua came from, nor how she came to be. We do know, however, that nothing existed before Arua. The Goddess of life, souls, and all existence created the universe as she saw fit… a calm and beautiful place where souls could dwell peacefully. The deep matters of the universe cradled the waves of life, on which all beings would sway soothingly. This perfect universe was called the Sea of Souls.

Life would bring shine to the Sea of Souls, in the form of seven planets. Arua created these out of love, and dedicated each of them to the inhabitants that she breathed life into.

“The planets, as your lives, dear ones, are all yours. As am I. As are your souls.”

These are the words of Arua that ring in everyone’s hearts when they are born.

“To you, I give the Gods, to watch over you. Praise them well, for no love can ever match the one you will receive from them.”

And thus, the Gods were created, to watch over all life that Arua had created among the seven planets. And Arua named the planets after each of the Gods and Goddesses that would look after them: Junon, Lunar, Eldeon, Oro, Karkia, Skaaj, and Hebarn.

Each planet’s inhabitants lived in happiness, idolizing their respective God or Goddess, and reveling in the pleasures that living under their protection and rule brought.

But all was not harmonious for long. The Dark God Hebarn disbanded from the other planets, and his plots to destroy Arua’s universe began.

Soon, the gossips about strange visitors started. The Visitors protect life, and make right from all that is wrong. They are divine beings; they seldom suffer from hunger or thirst, they do not need as much sleep as most other creatures, but they can hurt, they can love. And they can help."

Jij bent in dit verhaal dus de visitor, je hoeft niet te eten, niet te slapen en je bent praktisch onsterfelijk. Jij moet dus de wereld gaan redden.

dit zijn de belangrijkste punten van deze game:

Seven Different Planets
ROSE Online consists of seven vast planets. Each planet has its own set of particular characteristics and environments. Interplanetary explorers will enjoy the many different adventure scenarios that these worlds have to offer. Join us as we work together to expand the vast world and each planet.

Players Make Their Own Legends
The quests in ROSE Online are affected by the activities of the user community. Ever changing in-game environments such as quests and monster spawn rates are influenced by the action of the players. As a Visitor in the world each player writes their own legends by becoming part of the environment and world. As part of any players journey they will be asked to choose their own fates by aligning their favor towards one of the gods.

Player vs. Player & Clan vs. Clan
Players can form groups or take part in clan vs. clan battles and compete for power and items. Clans can work together to compete at the highest of levels to earn riches and valuable items and gear. Participate in Open PvP or take it to the Training Grounds and test your power and strength with friends with Player formed groups.

Technological Innovation & Tuning System
There are a total of 3 forms of transportation available in ROSE Online. Castle Gear which was developed to cause great damage to enemies in battles, the Cart which was developed to efficiently traverse the land, and the Flying Vessel which was developed to realize the dream of exploring outer space. It is possible to customize Carts and Castle Gears by changing parts and upgrading abilities.

NPC Controlled Factions
Factions differ from Clans because the faction community is controlled by NPCs rather than by the users. By joining factions, users can participate in various quests which drive the stories of the 7 planets. Every faction has a certain extent of authority on economy, politics, public orders, magic, arts and religion. Each faction has its own alliances and hostilities, and different events can occur as a result of the complexity of the relationships between factions.

Faction Wars
Part of the faction training players can take part in Faction Wars. These wars are paired factions going head to head in a battle over strength and training. Players will be able to train themselves in the art of using Castle Gear and build up their teamwork while focused on training their skills.
That is why Arua created them, after all.

Je kunt ook kiezen uit vier (banen/doelen), namelijk: de soldiers, de muses, de hawkers en de dealers. Deze kunnen zich ook weer allemaal specialiseren.

[b]En dit is hoe het spel er zo ongeveer uit ziet:







Dat spel downloaden duurt wel lang zeg… maar ik ga het ook spelen! :'D


nog mensen hier die het al wel spelen? of ben ik hier de enige? xD

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Zal het morgen even downloaden. Lijkt me namelijk wel awesome spel n_n

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