Preview van mijn nieuwe boek (EX)PERIENCES

[b]Hello there,

Ik ben zojuist begonnen met het schrijven van mijn boek op Wattpad. En hoe tof ik het zou vinden als jullie een kijkje wilde nemen. Het is geschreven in het Engels, vanwege dat ik mijn doelgroep wil verbreden. Dus excuseer mij voor mijn Engels, het is niet altijd perfect geschreven. Maar ik geniet van schrijven en het creeeren van gevoel bij anderen.

Wattpad naam: Kaerasic

Dus neem gerust een kijkje! En hierbij een voorproefje om je te overtuigen *wink*[/b]

Day 01

A measureless ache fills my head. I hear a groan. It took me a second to realize that it wasn’t me who was making the sound. Swiftly I look next to me in the bed and see a slim back of a girl. Much more than that I can’t see because of the darkness. I look around and slowly start to recognize the room that I am in.

Phew, I ended up at Cleo’s.

I try to remember the night before, but my hangover is winning my thoughts. I get up to walk to the bathroom and groan at the ache in my pounding head. I rub in my face and go with my fingers through my hair. Once in the bathroom I open a cabinet that looks like it would hold aspirin. While I search through the bottles I try to remember the night before.

One week earlier

There I stand. Me, Kara Delilah Oakes, in the middle of my new place in NYC. A studio apartment with windows at one side of the big open space. With an equipped kitchen, totally furnished and an open second floor which looks out over the small living. It’s perfect really. I thank the men who just put my last boxes in the room and close the door behind them. I let out a sigh and start with the first box.

After three hours of unpacking I’m tired and hungry. I am almost finished but in need for some food. But of course there isn’t anything to eat in this place yet. I grab my coat and my new keys and walk out the door.


A short time after I am sitting in a small café on the corner of the street a couple blocks away from my apartment. I ordered a coffee and a donut, which smells as good as it tastes. After all those hours unpacking I thought I would treat myself on something nice, which I succeeded in obviously.

The café is industrial and cozy. It is quite crowded, but it was a nice kind of crowded. People were talking and laughing over their cups of coffee. And there was some soft country music playing in the background.

After a couple of bites of my donut and sipping my coffee I grab my phone to start typing a message. But a sudden movement of the chair in front of me catches my attention. I know it is crowded, but I am not in the mood for an awkward conversation with a stranger at this moment. I look up to meet two beautiful, grey-blue eyes.

‘May I sit here?’, a lovely, but raw voice leaves the lips of the girl. Not just your regular, normal girl. No I see all the men in the café turning their heads and gaping at her.

‘Of course’, I answer politely with a friendly smile.

She doesn’t seem that bad and I realize that I would like a conversation after the long drive here and unpacking all of my stuff. My parents and my brother didn’t have the time to join me. Besides NYC isn’t around the corner. It’s a 6-hour drive.

‘I’ve never seen you before’, the girl states relaxing in the chair across from me. She is wearing an oversized, grey hoodie with some athletic leggings.

‘That could be true, because I moved here today.’

The girl, whom I still do not know her name of, takes me in from head to toe. Not caring that it makes me shift uncomfortable in my chair. I don’t look great at all, which makes this even worse. My hair is in a messy bun on my head, I’m not wearing any make-up, and to make it even better I am wearing my old leggings, sweater and my disgusting Nikies.

After a couple of seconds, which feels like minutes she still doesn’t say a word. When I finally want to ask her for her name, she grabs a napkin from the table and starts scribbling on it with a pen she took from her pocket.

The awkward silence continues and I am not sure if I should ask her something. Instead I keep looking at her scribbling with my mouth slightly opened.

When she’s done writing she gets up from her chair and slides the napkin to me. Without another look at me she walks away and leaves the café.

- Thank you -

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