preparation first kr sex

if you feel that you are both ready to have sex … are there any things you can prepare in advance?
Ex. Well / do not shave hair …
Music / no music
Sminck / no sminck.
In other words, there are things you need to know if you can prepare for sex.
okay something that I pee.
Imagine you will have sex for the first time with him. & you’re still virgin … So you may bleed. Is it wise to put a towel fzo in his bed. Or is that not necessary … Okay, this sounds debiel. but I would really like to apologize if you can answer. Thanks

Lekker veel sminck Gerald, dat sowieso

Ogod, hoe komen zulke kanslozen toch op dit forum terecht denk ik wel eens.

Yes… Yes it is.



Hallo vriendjes en vriendinnetjes :wave:

Something that I pee?

trol oid… slotje