owl necklace! (uilen ketting)

Does anyone knows where I can find an owl necklace? ^^ but not on ebay please :grin:
I’m sorry because it’s in English - but I’m not very good in forming sentences in Dutch
because I lived almost my whole life in London.

please help me,
Sofie. x

Well, you can buy one at the H&M (onlineshop or store)
But if you’re English, why dont you ask such things on an English forum? Think that they can help you better than we. (besides if you just moved here)

Damn I was gonna say Ebay xD I bought one from ebay and it was extremely cheap. I think they also have one at H&M right now though.

What Miiamore said. the H&M onlineshop.


Oh, and we have a big topic for these kind of things, the ‘ik zoek’ topic, means ‘i search’

these are all owl necklaces too

In London there are many owl necklaces, but I can’t buy it because I live in Belgium now :frowning_face: and I would buy it online but my Mom doesn’t agree with that :frowning_face:
but thanks for the tip, I’ll look at H&M tommorow ^^