One Direction #7

Doordat de andere het niet meer doen door foutmeldingen is hier een nieuwe!

Niall And Harry <33

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Stond vorige week in een nederlands blad. Nou is het zelden zo dat zij hun info over one direction goed hebben…

Caroline Flack and Harry Styles plan Xtra special weekend together

The couple have been missing each other since they confirmed their split, and are keen to ensure they have definitely made the right decision.

Breaking up is never easy and it seems the reality of being apart has hit Caroline Flack and ex boyfriend Harry Styles Xtra hard.

Now the stars are said to be planning a weekend away together to talk things over and decide whether a split really is the best option.

A source told The Sun: "They’re planning to spend the weekend in a cottage in Cornwall when Harry gets back from the States.

"They’re hoping to spend some quality time together to make sure they haven’t made the wrong decision.

“They both think breaking up was for the best but they’re missing each other a lot and she’s been in regular contact while Harry has been in the US with the band.”

Aside from anything else, Caroline previously admitted Harry was a dear friend and that they had a great deal of fun together, so it’s no wonder she is missing the company of the heartthrob.

When news that their relationship was over broke last week, Harry was quick to take to Twitter to deny claims he ‘dumped’ Caroline, insisting: “Please know I didn’t ‘dump’ Caroline. This was a mutual decision. She is one of the kindest, sweetest people I know. Please respect that.”

Caroline also Tweeted to thank fans for their support and used the social networking site to hit back at claims she had moved on, after the Daily Star Sunday reported she had swapped numbers with TOWIE star Joey Essex at the NTAs.

The gorgeous 32 year old presenter wrote: “I didn’t even see Joey Essex at the NTAs. So there is no story. I know my situation has made me an easy target but no more please.”

Harry is currently wowing the (largely female) crowds in the US with his fellow One Direction bandmates.

The curly haired singer has already grabbed the attention of the ladies across the pond, with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter Katherine Tweeting: “Just watched my first One Direction video w my cousin and @Harry_Styles is a cutie indeed [sic]!”

Sorry Katherine, it seems Harry’s heart still belongs to a certain lady back here in the UK…

Maar dit komt ook uit de ‘NOW’ en ik denk dat het gelijk staat aan de prive enzo :’) Dus zo betrouwbaar zal het allemaal wel niet zijn XD

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Het is hier zo dood omdat wij ergens anders zitten ahah


Heel misschien gaat mijn zus haar zoontje wel Zayn noemen.