Er was net een topic , maar ik kan het nergens meer vinden.
Dus post hier je meligste / langste / droogste gesprek.of juist het gesprek dat je nu hebt.

You: hi!
Stranger: Hello there!
Stranger: what are you doing here in my room?
Stranger: I thought I had locked the door?
You: Noo , i’m coming trye the key hole XD
Stranger: dont I know you from somewhere? havent we met before?
Stranger: AJ? are you AJ?
You: No no,
You: ur wrong XD
Stranger: hmmm… are you DC?
You: no :open_mouth:
You: i’m LA
Stranger: LA!!! I thought you were still in Jail?
You: No i’m escapes
Stranger: wow! how did you do that? did you have to shoot anyone?
You: Yea I shoot all that people in there, and then I picked the keys, I can just walk away.
You: How easy is that !
You: :grinning:
Stranger: thats cool!
Stranger: are you going to get those guys who framed you?
You: No I just hold them alive.
You: I’m a different person now :grinning:
Stranger: prison has changed you… I can see that.
You: Yes!
Stranger: but I have to warn you… Big Jake is looking for you.
You: O no! ,
Stranger: and he and One-Eyed Susan are setting to get you.
Stranger: You remember One-Eyed Susan?
You: Yea
You: So I have to stay here
You: till it’s safe.
Stranger: OMG you cant stay HERE!
You: Yes I can, why i shouldn’t ?
Stranger: but… but…
Stranger: the state troopers will be looking for you… and I ahve the goats to feed, and everything.
You: I don’t need any food, I can stay under ur bed.
Stranger: ok. but look. if you hear any noises, its not me snoring! its probably the noise from the road. ok?
Stranger: or the railtrack… or something.
You: Yes! i Remember.
Stranger: So… tell me… are you still drinking?
You: A bit , Not to much , U ? u know the time , that we drink till were K.O?
Stranger: LOL Yes, I remember that! I still have the scars!
Stranger: on my… uhhh… personal place.
You: xD
Stranger: I had a hard time explaining that when I got married.
Stranger: I did tell you that I got married now?
You: No u don’t Tell me !!
Stranger: Yeah… I had too. My girlfriend was pregnant.
Stranger: she was 6 months pregnant when I met her, and her pa said that I got to make an honest woman of her.
You: and then ? then ur married ?
Stranger: I am. You remeber Lanky Laura?
Stranger: that tall girl with red hair?
You: Yes , a bit.
Stranger: well she had a sister, and Laura said that it was my fault she was pregnant.
Stranger: so I had to marry her.
You: OH
Stranger: Sarah-Jane, they calls her.
You: Do u Love her ? it’s bad to mary someone u don’t like.
Stranger: Well, she is ok… I suppose.
Stranger: I dont get to see her much. She runs a place in town.
You: O!
Stranger: I think they take in wild animals and look after em.
Stranger: its called The CatHouse.
You: hmm , i hear about that place
Stranger: yeah. most of my friends know that place.
Stranger: so. are you going to start over, now that you are out?
Stranger: what plans so you have?
You: yea!
You: But first I gonna sleep under ur bed
You: ok?
You: Just give me a Pillow :stuck_out_tongue:
Stranger: well, that dont seem right to me. you under my bed.
You: In the closet?
Stranger: maybe you should be in the bad and I will sleep out with the goats.
Stranger: bed*
You: It’s good to , if ur want?
Stranger: probably best. That way I can look out for Big Jake.
Stranger: he is sooo mean.
You: Okay , give me a sign when he’s there!
Stranger: good job he has only got one arm.
Stranger: ok I will.
You: Now , I gonna sleep , soo tired of shooting all that people.
Stranger: ok. Goodnight LA.
Stranger: stay safe.
You: Goodnight!
You: Yea u too!…gers/list_messages/119677

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