Nederlandse gezegden in het Engels (of andersom)

Kom maar op!

Then you sit beautiful with the baked pears!

Fall with the door in house

I put my best little leg in front

Make your boob wet…


Where slaps this on?

High trees catch a lot of wind

Don’t pick up old cows out of the pond

the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Now breaks my wooden shoe.

There comes the monkey out of the sleeve


This walks completely out of the hand

Mijn geschiedenisleraar zegt altijd ‘Go your gang’

~ I don’t believe a bag of it
~ I have a walking nose
~ I see no hand for my eyes

I scared myself an accident :’)

Het regent katten en honden.

(Om ook maar even E-NL te gaan ;p)

It rains pipe stealings :’)

laughing as a farmer with jawpain :’)

eventough a monkey wears a golden ring, it will still be an ugly thing


Bob is je oom

hahah sommige zijn leukk