Lol Jk moppen :'')

Justin Bieber: I have no clue why people call me a girl LOL JK go buy my new nail polish line

las ik net :’)

hahaha echt grappig!

-Happy birthday! ‘aww you remembered?’ yes ofcoursee, LOL JK facebook told me

-imma bee, imma bee imma beeLOL JK i am a wasp

  • Ain’t no mountian high enough to keep me from you LOL JK have you ever seen the everest

  • Let’s run away together LOL JK i have asthma

  • All you need is love LOL JK you also need to breathe.

I’d swim the ocean for you LOL JK there are sharks in there.


He broke my heart…LOL JK… I would be dead if he did.

gonna get drunkkkkkkkkkk this weekend!!! LOL jk im muslim
Your fake tan looks really good, LOL jk, you look like a fucking orange
ill carry you to the moon and back LOL JK your 2 fat and id die!
Let’s play Russian roulette, LOL JK I just gonna shoot you.
I like your leggins, LOL JK you’ve got a camel toe
I love JLS and Justin Bieber, LOL JK i have good taste in music
I’d wait forever and a day for you, LOL JK i’d be dead
Im ridin solo LOL jk my mum’s driving us

ik lig echt helemaal dubbelhierr :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

weet iemand er nog een paar? x’]

Haha best wel geniaal :’)

I’d wait forever and a day for you, LOL JK i’d be dead


Hahah te mooi xD

Ik hou van ze <3

U can stand under my umbrella ella ella LOL JK get your own
Id climb mount everst for you LOL jk its cold up there


en deze is echt erg:


Haha, echt mijn humor dit!

deze zijn ook altijd zo leuk

When you know you’re being annoying but you don’t give a fuck because you’re finding yourself too hilarious.

When people say they don’t listen to music.

There are people that don’t listen to music?

how do they live?

haha deze is zo schattig

When someone cute calls me cute…