liedje titel pff

weet iemand een mooie of leuke zin uit een liedje die ik als titel kan zetten bij mn profielfoto
(het liefste van een nieuw liedje)

R&R=BAACK :$:$:$:$

  1. They got a message from the Action Man: “I’m happy, hope you’re happy too.”
  2. I’m running out of ways to make you see, I want you to stay here beside me.
  3. And what it all comes down too, is that I haven’t got it all figured out just yet.
  4. We behave like animals, swing from tree to tree.
  5. I think I’m drifting away from the people I really need.
  6. Please love me too.
  7. I’ve got a buddy, his name is Ted.
  8. If I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?
  9. I know not everybody, has got a body like you
  10. Well I guess it would be nice, if I could touch your body.
  11. Could you want me?
  12. Je te désire.
  13. We could spend the night, watch the earth come up.
  14. Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend. Somewhere along in bitterness. And I would have stayed up with you all night.
  15. I feel you in my heart and I don’t even know you.
  16. And he tells everyone a story, because he thinks his life is boring.
  17. I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday.
  18. I want you, I want you, I want you. I think you know by now.
  19. Why do I rush to slow down everything?
  20. I, I want you.
  21. Or we just stay awake for lust?
  22. What are you feeling, so deep inside?
  23. Believe me, I’m just as lost as you.
  24. Secret heart. What are you made of, what are you so afraid of?
  25. Could it be, three simple words?
  26. Run the risk of knowing that our love may soon be gone.
  27. I can’t breath when you’re not here.
  28. My body’s salvated and hell is my doom.
  29. But lately I’m beginning to find that I should be the one behind the wheel.
  30. I like it when you think out loud.
  31. Pain throws you heart to the ground. Love turns the whole thing around.
  32. Too much of the same stories in our lives. I think it’s time for change, don’t you?
  33. You step a little closer each day. Still I can’t say what’s going on.
  34. When you’re too in love to let it go. But if you never try, you’ll never know.
  35. I just found out there’s no such thing as the real world. Just a lie you’ve got to rise above.
  36. Try to recover, but collide with each other. We spin out of control.
  37. Some day I’ll fly. Someday I’ll soar.
  38. And I wish that we could see if wee could be something.
  39. 'Cause everytime I fall down, I reach out to you
  40. Love taught me to lie.
  41. If my toes were made of broccoli, I’d rule the world.
  42. Loving you dear like I do. If that’s a crime than I’m guilty. Guilty of loving you. |
  43. You know that I could use somebody. Someone like you
  44. Stones taught me to fly. Life taught me to die. So it’s not hard to fall, when you float like a cannonball.
  45. I know you don’t mean to be mean. I’m sure you know the same for me.
  46. I am the girl who loves you inside and out.
  47. I know I need you now.
  48. No girl can love you more and that’s what I’m crying for.
  49. Your shoulder, the mooring for me. Like water lost in the sea.
  50. And a calm heart will break, when given a shake.
  51. The cold heart will burst, if mistrusted first.
  52. And maybe if we prayed a little more, we would stop, living in fear.
  53. On fond comme des glaçons. À cause des garçons.
  54. Tu vois, lui, me trouve super bonne.
  55. Back off, I’ll take you on. Headstrong to take on anyone.
  56. I, I want you. I, I need you. I believe you. You are a new drug.
  57. Maybe we’ve outgrown all the things that we once loved.
  58. Volcanoes melt you down.
  59. I do, I do love you.
  60. Maybe I just want to breath. Maybe I just don’t believe.
  61. ‘All I wanna do is have a little fun before I die,’ says a man next to me out of nowhere.
  62. I would go to jail with only boys, just to prove I was as tough as you.
  63. There’s no one around who picks me up when I’m down, like you do.
  64. All the matter in the world is how much I like you.
  65. But you don’t pull my string. 'Cause I’m a better man, moving on some better things.
  66. I take my thoughts for what they’re worth.
  67. I won’t be your winter.
  68. I need you to need me.
  69. I’m capsized staring on the edge of safe.
  70. Can’t start a fire, you can’t start a fire without a spark.
  71. The black will be white and the whitee will be black. But the blues is still blue.
  72. The black will be grey and the white will be grey. But the blues is still blue.
  73. ‘This dance is between a Wals and a Tango.’ ‘It’s a Wango?!’
  74. We hung about the tenderloin and tenderly you tell. About the saddest book you ever read. It always makes you cry.
  75. I will be your Ferdinand and you my wayward girl.
  76. What will happen to a face in the crowd, when it finally get’s too crowded.
  77. Without you, I’m useless.
  78. When you’re talking, your fingers are walking. Away from me, away away.
  79. Got too deep, but how deep is too deep?
  80. Je t’adore.
  81. Me gusta la montaña, me gustas tu. Me gusta la noche, me gustas tu.
  82. Bright, just like the stars above me.
  83. Say so, you want to. Hollow, you want to. Happy as one.
  84. Say so, you want to.
  85. I came along, I wrote a song for you.
  86. All I need is time, time to love you.
  87. If one raindrop means I love you, I bet it’ll rain the whole day.
  88. All I need to hear is that you’re not mine, you’re not mine.
  89. To call hands from above, to lean on.
  90. I’m off like an aeroplane, I’m catching my second wind again.
  91. But still it’s burning, when will you be mine?
  92. I don’t see what anyone can see, in anyone else. But you.
  93. And in the sea there was a fish, a fish that has a secret wish.
  94. You’re a parttime lover and a full time friend.
  95. Oh love is a brittle madness, I sing about it in all my sadness.
  96. Keep on fighting to remember that nothing’s lost in the end.
  97. I just want back in your head.
  98. I’m not in love, I just want to be touched.
  99. 'Cause your smile is beautiful and it makes me happy.

Even geen zin om de liedjes erbij te zoeken x]

dat is niet origineel die heeft iedereen al xd


dat vind ik zo vriendloos
alsof je anders geen reacties krijgt

too much of no sound, uncomfortable silence can be so loud
van Madonna - Miles Away

Ik vind die hele profielfotohype sowieso raar…

merry christmas

it was only just a dream

Never gonna stop

adore you

we R wo we R

love dont cost a thing

take me in

rolling in the deep

youre amazing just the way you are

who’s that chick :’)

Kies gewoon zelf een leuk zinnetje uit een liedje dat je leuk vindt? Het heeft ook geen zin om er een zinnetje boven te zetten als je zelf helemaal niets met dat liedje hebt.