Let's win together and be fast!! @ starbucksdiscoveriesmoment contest

Hello guys,
Let’s win together! There is starbucksdiscoveriesmoments contest, in which you should upload your favorite photography from your vacation and to call friend to vote for you. The first prize, for the one who has the most votes at the end, is $ 15000 to spend for travel with 4 friends!
Are there 4 interested men to take a part in this contest with me. We can upload a photography and call are friends to vote for us, and at the end if we win, it would be
real adventure to travel across the world with 4 strangers.
It lasts till January the 6. so we must be fast.
We can still win, cause, the photography with the most votes now has less then 100 votes! There are also second prizes, you can see the rules at:

Thanks in advance!


Waarom probeer jezelf niet gewoon te winnen en ga met 4 echte vrienden?