i am not proud, x

When I look in the mirror I am not proud, I have a lovely figure and pretty face, I guess. But that’s just the outside. That doesn’t matter at all if you’re actually a bitch.
I don’t think I’m a bitch. But, we all make mistakes, and I just hate it! Every single day I make mistakes, and yes, unfortunately I sometimes make the same mistakes I already did one time.
We could all hate everybody and just love one person and we could all love everybody except one person, the only one you really love. But we all matter in this world. ‘Cause why would we be here if we didn’t had a reason? Why would you be there and see something beautifuls in me, and I feel the same about you and we didn’t had a reason? That’s ridiculous. We all have a reason, and God don’t make mistakes with making people. He didn’t put you on earth for no reason. There is a reason, I am sure. But what is it? I think everybody have another reason, because everybody have another character. We all like different things and the things we love have a reason. We all have a mission with the things we love or we are unique in. We should do something good with our gifts. But that isn’t easy at all. Troubles, mistakes, regrets, shout it all out. They bothering your way to freedom. And your mission will be . You’re going to doubt ‘bout the things you can, have and do. You’re going to hate people around you and love the other ones. You’re going to be cocky or just so shy you don’t even dare to talk with the guy/girl you like. Love and hate, that two things are so important to life. And when they fail you sometimes rather would die. As teenager these things are really important and bothering your life really hard. But don’t forget these things are so important in life, so please try don’t make mistakes with it, ‘cause one day you’re going to regret that mistakes so hard, you indeed rather die.


Ik vind je engels echt niet chill om te lezen, sorry.


Jij met je x.

Weetje, dit doet me een beetje denken aan Holland in da Hood.

het zelfde geld voor deze.