Het 'feelgood' liedjes topic

Van welke liedjes wordt jij nou gewoon echt vrolijk :grinning: post ze hier!

Bob marley
Shrek liedjes
Mama mia liedjes

Weezer - On an island in the sun
Weezer - Pork and beens

Lily Allen - LDN


Counting Crows - Accidentily in love

misschien kennen jullie dat liedje wel van shrek

L.I.N.E. - Faith in me

Miley Cyrus - Breakout.
Demi lovato - believe in me.

jason mraz liedjes
summer holiday van cleve richards
counting crows- accidentally in love
island in the sun van weezer
en can’t catch tomorrow van lostprophets

en veel meer eigenlijk!

Pepper - Sitting On the Curb
Sublime - Wrong Way
The Aggrolites - Dirty Reggae
Common Rider - Longshot
Long Beach Dub All Stars - Rolled Up

Hmm niet echt ‘feelgood’, maar ik word d’r iig wel blij van.
Wie word er nou niet blij van reggae en ska :grin:

jason mraz ft. colbie caillat - lucky
jason mraz - the remedy
jason mraz - life is wonderful
jason mraz - wordplay
jason mraz - i’m yours
mcfly - 5 colours in her hair
mcfly - baby’s coming back
mcfly - broccoli
mcfly - don’t stop me now
mcfly - don’t wake me up
mcfly - everybody knows
mcfly - friday night
mcfly - home is where the heart is
mcfly - hypnotised
mcfly - i’ve got you
mcfly - i wanna hold you
mcfly - just my luck
mcfly - little joanna
mcfly - lola
mcfly - lonely
mcfly - met this girl
mcfly - no worries
mcfly - obviously
mcfly - please please
mcfly - rockin’ robin
mcfly - smile
mcfly - sorry’s not good enough (de tekst is niet zo vrolijk maar het liedje wel redelijk vrolijk =P)
mcfly - star girl
mcfly - surfer babe
mcfly - that girl
mcfly - the guy who turned her down
mcfly - the way you make me feel
mcfly - too close for comfort
mcfly - transylvania
mcfly - ultraviolet
mcfly - walk in the sun
mcfly - we are the young
melee - built to last
melee - drive away
melee - you got
melee - stand up
melee - new day
melee - frequently baby
melee - for a lifetime
busted - crashed the wedding
busted - falling for you
busted - thunderbirds are go
busted - year 3000
plain white t’s - 1234
plain white t’s - happy someday
plain white t’s - let me take you there
plain white t’s - our time now
nevershoutnever - bigcitydreams
nevershoutnever - heregoesnothin
nevershoutnever - shesgotstyle
nevershoutnever - smelyalata
nevershoutnever - uraltalk
stevie ann - away from here
stevie ann - baby blue
stevie ann - one year of love
stevie ann - the poetry man
taylor swift - love story
taylor swift - you belong with me
the beatles - ob-l-a-di, ob-la-da (… ja zo ongeveer)
the beatles - eight days a week/8 days a week
the beatles - can’t buy me love
michael bublé - sway
michael bublé - everything
paolo nutini - new shoes

genoeg? :]

Katrina & the waves - Walking on sunshine
Stevie Wonder - Signed sealed delivered
James Brown - I feel good

en nog meer!

Girls Aloud - Love Machine

Three berry icecream, Lucy von Pelt, strawberry machine.
Als je ze kan vinden laat het me weten, ik kan ze alleen op Last.fm luisteren.

whenever, where ever, we’re ment to be together (:sunglasses:

Shakira <3

Dat liedje kwam een keer in een aflevering van sabrina the teenage witch :smirk:

The Kooks - Mr Maker
The Kooks - Always where i need to be
Big Ali ft. Dollarman - Hit The Floor

Busted / That thing you do
Busted / Loner in love vind het een speels liedje echt leuk
Soul Asylum / Runaway Train
Enrique Iglesias / Can you hear me
Backstreet Boys / As long as you love me
Kelly Clarkson / My life would suck without you
Eminem ft D12 / My Band Hahaha die clip + song (’:
Blink 182 / All the small things
Pink / So what
Outkast / Hey Ya!

En nog veel meer (’:

April March - Chick Habit (heel raar, want het liedje is állesbehalve lief, maar het sixties-achtige melodietje is zo leuk
The Chalets - Theme From Chalets
The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You
Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog - My Freeze Ray
Feist - Mushaboom
Frou Frou - It’s Good To Be In Love
Frou Frou - Hear Me Out
Frou Frou - Breathe In
Hafdis Huld - Ski Jumper
Hedwig And The Angry Inch - Sugar Daddy (Hey sugar daddy, Hhhhhhhansel needs some sugar in his bowl!)
Jill Sobule - I Kissed A Girl
John Barrowman - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Kristen Chenoweth - Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Los Campesinos! - C Is The Heavenly Option
Regina Spektor - On The Radio
RENT - I’ll Cover You
The Rocky Horror Picture Show - The Time Warp
The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Sweet Transvestite (from Transsexual, Transsylvaniaaaaaaaaa-haha!)
Rufus Wainwright - Do I Disappoint You
Rufus Wainwright - Release The Stars
Rufus Wainwright - Between My Legs
Rufus Wainwright - April Fools
Rufus Wainwright - Beautiful Child
The Wannadies - You And Me Always

Zo, dat was een flinke lijst.

Taylor Swift - You belong with me
Counting Crows - Accidentally in Love
Alphabeat - Fascination