Het almachtige Fanfiction topic

Dat kun je wel doen, heb ik wel bij meer fics gezien. Dat je het inderdaad in het verhaal zelf kort houdt, maar een uitgebreidere versie erbij linkt die je erbij kunt lezen, maar ook over kunt slaan zonder dat je iets mist.

ja ik zou t idd zo doen dat he er wel tussen past maar dat je het niet hoeft te lezen om het vervolg te snappen dus dat je dan zelf de keuze kan maken!

ik ben bezig met een larry fanfic gebaseerd op the purge dus t wordt een short story en ik heb t proloog nu af en ik weet nu al niet meer hoe ik verder moet :’)

Ook geen punt waar je naar toe wil werken? :stuck_out_tongue:

nee t proloog eindigt met dat the purge begint en louis is aan het purgen terwijl harry buitengesloten is en dus moet zien te overleven en dat gaan ze samen doen met alle gevolgen van dien dus t wordt echt maar 1 hoofdstuk verder maar idk hoe ik alles kan beschrijven zonder dat het too much wordt zegmaar

Jullie hebben mijn idee/gedachte bevestigd, dus nu weet ik wat ik ga doen (:

ik twijfel of ik het op gs zou zetten maar t is engels en ik heb geen zin in commentaar op een paar kleine foutjes :’)

Dan zet je toch in de bp dat er foutjes in kunnen zitten?

ja dan leg ik wel gewoon uit hoe en wat en waarom enzo c:

eerst zorgen dat het afkomt :"D


ik zoek leuke en goede fanfics van zayn maar alles wat ik vind is zo ew

Ik heb net een Cinderella!AU van Larry gelezen en damn, die was echt goed geschreven. En dan kijk je bij de schrijfster naar andere fics en dan zijn die veel minder goed, zo zonde.

oeh leuk!
ik snap alleen de helft van de shipnamen niet.
Larry snap ik niet.
en dramione wel weer.

maar die daarvoor ook niet. hahah

Larry is Harry en Louis van One Direction ;p

Ik schrijf fanfics van Simple Plan :stuck_out_tongue: post eigenlijk bijna nooit iets anders :upside_down_face:
Fijn dat er nu zo’n topic is. Vind het ook heel jammer dat als je fanfics opzoekt dat het moeilijk is om écht een goede te vinden. Altijd zo jammer.

Veel van de shipnamen (op Larry na dan) snap ik ook niet.


Volgens mij iets in de trant van zoetsappig

Ja, dat. Dingen waarvan je ‘aww’ zegt en zo. Smut daarentegen is alles wat kan leiden tot en met seks.

Misschien kunnen we een betekenislijstje maken?
Op alfabet?


Alternate Universe (AU) = This is where an author will choose to stray from the canon of the show and create events which are on their own timeline. Usually this is when an author will deny a character’s death or act like an episode never happened or say “what if” episode A had happened differently, or they will act like the show stopped a certain place and keep writing as if there are no new episodes after that. If someone writes a fan fiction where Ami never breaks out, this is considered alternate universe. Fan fictions that take place after the end of a show are not alternate universe, however, because there is no canon for them to contradict.

Consensual = A heading in adult fan fiction that says that all the parties that have sex in the fan fiction are consenting and want to have sex. This is as opposed to semi-consensual where consent is forced or a character is nudged but not outright forced into sex or otherwise having sex but not for reasons of their own (a character sleeping with someone to save someone’s life for instance) and nonconsensual which says that one of the characters is raped

Continuation = A fan fiction which carries on after the end of a movie or series. Any fiction which takes places after Living Stones, such as a fiction about Kevin eventually going to college and getting a job, is a continuation. This doesn’t break canon, but merely extends in the author’s imagination. It isn’t an alternate universe because a continuation has no canon to break, since all the canon ended with the end of the movie/book/story.

Crossover = A fan fiction which incorporates characters, events, places, ideas, etc from another fandom. If the TP and Buffy were to run into each other, this would be a crossover, since they are two separate fandoms merged into one. Crossovers are also denoted sometimes with the word: “xover”, the X standing for cross.

Deathfic = A fan fiction which centers around the death of a character. This usually is a fiction about how the other characters cope with the loss.

Disclaimer = A header that MUST be put before all fan fiction which acknowledges that the fan fiction author acknowledges the copyrights to the material which they are writing for. This is both a courtesy and necessity among fans who write fan fiction. All fan fictions on this archive must include disclaimers.

Drabble = A fan fiction that is self contained and is no more than 100 hundred words. A half drabble is a fan fiction of 50 words and a double drabble is a fan fiction of 200 words. OR A drabble can sometimes mean a very short fic that is not exactly 100 words but extremely short, for instance, it is not incorrect to call a 500 word fan fiction a drabble.

Femslash = A story depicting. Sexual situations between females. See also - slash.

F = A notation on adult fiction which denotes that sexual situations involving only one female are going to take place in a story (ie - masturbation).

F/F or f/f = A notation telling readers that a story contains a sexual situation between two females. If Ami and Jade were to have sex in a story, the F/F sign would be used to tell readers that sexual situations between two females was going to occur in the story. Also known as femslash.

F/F/F, etc… = A notation telling the reader that there are going to sexual situations between more than two females. If Lisa, Ami, *and* Jade had sex together, this would be denoted with an F/F/F symbol. There may be more than three females having sex in the fan fiction, but they are usually not denoted in the f/f/f symbol.

f/m = A notation telling the reader that sex between a female and a male is going to take place.

Filk = A fan fiction that is a parody of a song. For instance, if a writer writes “Tomorrow People Pie” which is a parody of “American Pie”, this filk.

Fluff = A light fiction which is usually just a day-in-the-life piece that is cute and humorous. A fiction about Jade taking a humourous shopping trip would be considered fluff.

Lemon = Any fan fiction containing graphic sexual situations that are described. Much like adultfic and PWP’s, only a lemon might be a full length story that contains merely scene of graphic sex.

m/m = A heading denoting sex between two or more males. Another m indicates that there is a threesome. Note, however, that there may be more than three male characters having sex even if only the m/m/m heading is used. Three can also be used in a general sense to denote multiple sex partners.

OC = An acronym meaning Original Character. An original character is any character that is not in the series and is created by the author.

OFC = Original Female Character.

OMC = Original Male Character.

OOC = Out of Character. (1) When a canon character acts in such a way as to be totally contrary to what they would in the series. If Adam was to get violent and start fights, this would OOC. (2) A term used during RPG’s when a person wants to say something as themselves, outside of the game. (e.g. - OOC: I have to leave my computer in twenty minutes.)

OS = Old (Original) Series. This refers to the first series of the Tomorrow People which aired during the 1970’s. A character guide can be found here that is VERY helpful [thanks to Beth Epstein!].

OT = Off Topic. This is used in the subject of emails sent to mailing lists when someone is talking about things that are not directly pertaining to the purpose of the email list. For example OT: Happy Birthday, Mary Sue!. OT messages should be used sparingly as they tend to clog a list with lots of chatter that other listee’s might not like.

Pairing = The selection of characters that are in a relationship together.

RPG = Role Playing Game. A game that involves people pretending to be their favorite characters. If you played a game where you were pretending to be John, you’d be playing a Role Playing Game.

Sillyfic = A light piece of fan fiction which is rediculous and meant to amuse. A fic that is about Tyso and Stephen getting into some comical mishap is a sillyfic. Unlike fluff, Sillyfics often break canon rules or get OOC, but it is okay in the case of sillyfic, because the author intends to do this just to get a good laugh.

Songfic = A fan fiction which is based on a song or includes a song. These fics can range from silly to very serious and heartbreaking. Many times a song fic will not include the song, but will have the lyrics at the end for the reader to infer how those lyrics reflect the character and situations.

Spoiler = Anything in a fanfiction or email which gives away parts of episodes or movies. For instance, if a fan fiction gives away the ending of Living Stones, a spoiler warning would be issued so that anyone who hadn’t seen Living Stones and wanted to could know to avoid that fic. This is used more commonly in fandoms that still have new episodes airing, such as Buffy. Spoiler warnings really aren’t required in the Tomorrow People fandom, but for such fandoms as Buffy and Smallville, spoiler warnings are appreciated.

Squick = Anything that upsets, disturbs, or grosses a person out is a squick. If something squicks you, it upsets and disgusts you. Some people are squicked by adultfic or other things.

Vignette = A piece of fan fiction which is centered on a characters feelings, emotions, experiences, reflections, and thoughts. Usually very short. A fiction that is just about Carol thinking of Earth while she is in the Trig is a vignette.

Vanilla = Referring to a type of sex which is ordinary male/female without any variations or kinks.

UST = Unresolved Sexual Tension. This is a term referring to interactions between characters that aren’t expressly sexual but have sexual undertones. If two characters are dancing and begin to get very close but then are interrupted, there is UST there