griezelverhaal schrijven


k moet voor engels tegen vrijdag een griezelverhaal schrijven, maar k heb echt geen idee waarover

het mag geen bestaand verhaal zijn.

hebben jullie mss ideeën waar k een eng verhaal over kan schrijven?



misschien kan je iets doen over die leraar/lerares die veranderd in een vampier ofzo? xD
Of mensen die monsters zijn 's nachts.
Nja, succes ermee :relieved:


die lerares vampier vind k wel een goed idee

Over een geest die van mens naar mens gaat doormiddel van oogcontact ^.^

oew. die is wel goed :’)

die is echt geweldig !!

alleen nog ff verzinnen hoe k daar een begin en einde aan maak !

In early October 2005, our class teacher told that a new student would come. Two days later Misliti, a girl from Croatia that had family problems, came to live by her uncle in Belgium. She had blond, almost white hair and a very light skin. It seemed that you could walk through her. A few days later we went to the forest for biology. After a long walk we came to an open place: there was a tree stump and we found a special plant under it. Misliti was uninterested. When the biology teacher motioned her to come she reacted shocked. It seemed she was terrified .We didn’t pay much attention to it. Later in the lesson, the class was divided into groups, for each part of the forest we must make a description. I sat together in the group with Caithlyn and Misliti. We had to analyse the open place focusing on the stump. We agreed to go back. We made an appointment to meet each other there. Caithlyn and I went together. When we arrived at the open place, Misliti was already there, sitting on the stump with her eyes closed. It seemed like she was meditating. When she noticed that we where there she opened her eyes and looked at us sharply. I was shocked, her eyes were bright white. She spoke a kind of spell that sounded like ‘neka mi slobodan, idi’. It seemed a cry for help. Then she disappeared! Caithlyn and I wanted to go home as quickly as possible.It was scary! On the way back I noticed something at Caithlyn: she acted like she was somebody else. At home I searched the translation of ‘neka mi slobodan, idi’. I was shocked when my computer showed me that it is Croatian for ‘let me free, go’ and the name ‘Misliti’ means ‘ghost’. I began to understand more and more what had happened in the forest.

Now my only objective was to bring the real Caithlyn back. I tried everything from drinks to spells, nothing changed this terrible situation. At the end I thought that maybe we should just go back to that open place. There I spoke out the spell ‘neka je slobodan, idi’’ What means ‘let her free, go’. She opened her eyes: they were so white like those of Misliti. She closed her eyes, opened them again and I saw immediately that she was again just Caithlyn! She couldn’t remember anything of the past few days.

The day after, our biology teacher wasn’t there. ‘Sick’ was the reason according to the replacement. We have never seen him again. Once I thought I saw him in a shop window, he stood behind me. But when I turned around to ask him why he no longer gave us lessons, he was gone. The whole street was empty.

dit is het verhaal uiteindelijk geworden ;p

daas toevallig :metal:
ik moest ook een griezelverhaal schrijven voor vrijdag xD

daas nog toevalliger, want ik moest ook zo een halloween/griezelverhaal schrijven voor vrijdag voor engels ^^

Ik heb ooit een verhaal geschreven over één van mijn leraren, die heette Lochtenberg. Dus je snapt hoe ik die noemde in me verhaal : Lochtenbeb[/b]est. Ik maakte van hem een weerwolf in mijn verhaal :stuck_out_tongue: