Griekenland (betoog)

Hee meiden,
Ik moet dinsdag een betoog inleveren.
Het betoog moet gaan over Griekenland, ik heb hem al af alleen Engels is niet mijn sterkste kant dus zouden jullie het misschien willen controleren en corrigeren op fouten? Heel erg bedankt! Het zijn trouwens 3 voorargumenten 2 tegenargumenten, hopelijk is dat te zien. (:

Nowadays Greece is facing an extreme budget deficit and huge debt. This was announced in 2009 by the Greek Government . During 2011 it became clear that Greece needs more help. The European countries don’t want that the euro may be in jeopardy and are providing additional loans to Greece. But under strict conditions. In late October 2011, European leaders has decided to kwijtschelden van schulden In my opinion Greece needs to stay at the European Union. Otherwise there will be more and more problems.

The stability of the entire euro zone is under pressure. Especially when bigger countries are also affected by this crisis. For instance the economy of Spain. . If we kick off Greece from the E.U than there will be a phenomen called: Domino-effect This theory will lead to other problems: for instance countries like Portugal and Ireland are going to suffer more from the crisis.
Moreover if Greece is no longer a member of the European Union, the difference between rich and poor will increase so much. The poorest will have to pay more tax, this will have a lot of negative consequences: they won’t be able to buy the main necessaries. If this is going to happen, the poorest will emigrate to North Europe to improve their life.

Furthermore suppose that the Netherlands came in the same situation as Greece, we would appreciate that we got help from countries through loans. Certainly, this is not going to happen but, we never know what the future will bring us.
Greeks always lived beyond their means, so at this moment they are facing the truth. I saw on the news that people retire at 50 years and they only work 20 hours per week. This is unbelievable! In addition to the Greek government have committed fraud (They have said that their deficit was only 3.6% however it was 12% ) It’s certain that the euro will not ultimately survive in southern Europe since the areas are too different in terms of monetary developments.
So far no one has seen an improvement in Greece, Greece is still negative in the news daily. Where are the loans? To deteriorate the country? I know this is a pessimistic view but sometimes I think that the invested money has gone to the elite for instance. Furthermore I think we shouldn’t kwijtschelden van de schulden
After all I have said, we should invest more and more money in Greece but with one provide: we want to see improvements. At this moment the economy of Southern counties is fragile so if we kick off Greece, a lot of other countries will have more difficulties. It is also presumably that the difference between rich and poor will increase. Moreover if our economy collapse, we would appreciate help from European Countries. Conversely, they commited fraud about their deficit, this was in my opinion stupid because now the problems are bigger and more difficult to find a solution. Nowadays, nobody had seen an improvement of Greece.

Up! (: