[Gedichtje] Forgotten beauty and tears.

ehm, dit is niet mijn eerste.
Wel de eerste die ik hier post.
Ik wou graag weten wat jullie er van vinden,
eventueel kritiek en tips?
-mn engels zal wel niet prefect zijn.

[b]I discovered this mess in front of me,
Mess in beauty, destroyed and fragile,
A mirror of memories and feelings now I see,
that it was my heart wich was broken,
It looked so helpless,
I heard it whisper that it was choken,

Why did you let me fall?
All those times you forgot me,
Why did you locked me up behind a big strong wall?
Is it because you thought that i’m not strong?
You failed the way I do now,
But know, I will alway’s go along,
was what it had to say,

I discovered this darkness in front of me,
fears drown in lies,
following me with every step and now I see,
It was my shadow hiding my fears,
Nevery knew I looked so diffrent from it,
Or I am I really soaked in tears,

Oh bring me back to you,
We are one forever,
But I don’t understand why this was what you chose to do,
put the light back on me and face me
I wouldn’t fail,
if you would have let me free,
was what it had to say.[/b]

Ik snap hem niet helemaal… maar dat komt waarschijnlijk omdat ik dom ben(A)
maar klopt de laatste zin wel van het 1e couplet (hoe noem je dat?)
klinkt een beetje raar
that it was choken