[Gedicht] Dear Eve - Engels

Ik schrijf weleens gedichtjes in het engels als ik me verveel, af en toe deel ik ze hier dusja, geniet er maar van hoop ik :slightly_smiling_face:
Het is soort van een brief van iemand aan ene Eve, verder geen context of verhaal eromheen maar dat laat ik maar aan je fantasie over.

[i]Dear Eve

I hope you are happy wherever you are,
and that the big orange sun floating on the horizon overwhelms you
I hope your days are filled with surprises and your eyes with endless wonder,
and your dreams never stop growing larger
I hope you spend evenings conversing memorable conversations with the ones you care about,
and your nights are filled with good-looking men and ecstasy
I hope the stars shine as bright up in your sky as they do in mine,
and your eyes cry tears from joy and your stomach hurts from laughter
I hope you read good poems and books and watch movies that make you feel a little different afterwards,
and you lay your heart bare to the person you care about and don’t regret it
I hope you find beauty in the grimmest corners of life
and you seek joy in unusual moments
I hope you make stupid mistakes and incredible memories,
and your generous amount of trust never disappoints you
I hope you dance wildly at parties and meet people who will listen to you,
and you find somebody worth admiring and looking up to
I hope you greet the world every day with a large smile on your face,
and you never miss a chance to say what you think
I hope you look around you and never stop searching,
and that the world’s hidden beauties never fail to dazzle you
I hope you fall madly in love and write letters and drink amazing wine,
and that you wonder if it’s all too good to be true
I hope you go places and see things that broaden your skyline,
and meet people that open your mind
I hope you feel loved and find comfort in solitude,
and pleasure in the company of others
I hope you are happy, Eve
Wherever you are

Yours truly