Franklin (short story)

Hee hier de helft van een kort verhaal in het engels wat ik heb geschreven!

Nobody sees me. Nobody cares about me. Nobody thinks about me. Since he has forgotten me, I no longer exist. It’s so hard, watching the world by his side, knowing that he doesn’t see me anymore. Sometimes I think I see it in his eyes. Sometimes I think I see myself flashing through his mind, but it might as well just be my imagination. It’s a lonely life, I can tell you. I know everything about him. He used to tell me everything. I know exactly what he’s thinking just by looking at the back of his head. In his eyes I see the truth.

“Come on, Franklin! Let’s go outside and play!’
I saw his mother rolling her eyes when Thomas called out for me. I ran after him. “Sure, what do you want to do?” I asked him. Thomas grinned. “I want to play hide-and-go-seek!” he screamed enthusiastically. I laughed. “Alright then, I’ll go hide!” I said and started walking away. Thomas turned around and started counting from 10. While I was running through the street, I saw Thomas’ mom looking at him through the kitchen window. She seemed to look concerned and annoyed at the same time. I knew what was bothering her. It was me. She wanted me gone. I gave her my most evil grin, knowing that she couldn’t see me. She frowned in my direction, it almost seemed as if she sensed me being there. I quickly hid myself behind a few bushes. Just in time.
“1 - COMING!” yelled Thomas. I heard from the sound of his footsteps that he was trying to walk like the pink panther. I loved the way he was jumpy and active. He had some other friends, but they weren’t quite as merry-go-lucky as he was. His other friends didn’t see me, just like his mom. That was soothing for him, knowing that he had something that was his own. For me, it was just my life. Thomas had fantasized me, so I existed. I knew he was the only reason for my life – so I knew that I could never leave him.

On his 8th birthday, my life changed forever. After blowing out the candles on the cake (I was even allowed to help him!), his parents called him: “Thomas, could you come over here? Mommy and daddy have to talk to you,” his mother said in a calm voice. The voice was too calm, something was wrong. Thomas sensed it too. I saw it by the way he carefully walked towards his parents and took place on the couch. His mother put on her strict, serious face. His father didn’t have to – his face was always strict and serious.
“Thomas, honey, we have to talk to you about Franklin,” his mother said. I froze.

What do you think?

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hier de andere helft!
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Thomas wanted to look around for me, but his father kept his attention focused. “No, Thomas, please listen now,” he said in his deep voice. Thomas turned towards his mother again. “What’s with him?” he asked, his eyes wide-spread.
“You’re eight years old now. You’re a big boy. You should stop playing with imaginary friends.” His mom said it like it was a fact instead of an order. “Imaginary?” Thomas asked. His voice was shaky – he was upset. His father cared to explain it to him. “Franklin is not real, you know. You made him up. Have you never noticed how you’re the only one who can see him? Real people can be seen by anyone.” Thomas started shaking his head. “No. You’re wrong!” he said convinced. I knew he was only trying to convince himself. We both knew it was true. Although I bet his parents didn’t know that even though I was imaginary, I was just as real as they were. “Franklin! Come on. We’re going upstairs.” Thomas frowned and walked towards the door. “Tommy…” his mother mumbled quietly. “We’re not trying to upset you,” her voice was now low and accusing. “Well, you are! I’m confused!” Thomas said angrily. He walked away, and I followed him.

After this moment, it was never the same again for me. Although Thomas was convinced of the fact that I was real, he started to forget about me. Instead of being with me all the time, he lost himself in playing with his other friends and forgot to introduce me to the game. I spent most of my days standing beside him, watching his every move. He sometimes had time for me when he was bored. Then we would play and it was just as much fun as always. But when his mother called him I no longer existed. This went on for a few months, until he forgot all about me. The last time I played with him we were out on the street, playing hide-and-go-seek again. He forgot to find me.

Since that moment, I kept standing by his side. Although he didn’t know it, he would always have a guardian angel. Sometimes I would whisper something in his ear and I knew he heard it. He just didn’t always pay attention to it. I was there when he was in his first fight. I was there the first time he drank alcohol. I was there the first time he fell in love. I was there at his first kiss, the first time he had sex. I even whispered in his ear not to forget about the condom – and he didn’t. I know I will be there until the day he dies. I also know that he will never see me again. I just wish he could see me one more time. I wish we could play hide-and-go-seek again, just once. I wish I could talk to him and tell him that he’s a good person and shouldn’t be so hard on himself.

I wish he knew I was there for him.

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