The lights go out. A wave of startled sounds enrolls over the people in the room. Somebody starts screaming. “What the hell is going on?” Jasper whispers in my ear. “Help me!” a girl yells. She seems to be terrified. However, the lights and the music disappearing makes it just a little too dramatic for me to believe. “Leo,” I accidentally say out loud. I feel Jaspers face turning towards me, but I’m sure there’s no need to explain this. Jasper knows I’m right. This has to be one of Leo’s pranks. He would love to have finished high school with a stunt like this. I unconsciously roll my eyes. Idiot.
“Ladies and gentlemen,” a voice crawls through the speakers like ice. I had forgotten the nastiness that always hides in the sound of his voice. “You are all about to witness -” he pauses shortly and giggles, probably for dramatic effect. “Mandy in the nude!” A spotlight is cast on Mandy, standing on stage, in the nude. The poor girl looks around, too frightened to say a word. Tears well up in her eyes, but she is way to startled to move. One arm is covering her breasts, while the other is trying to hide her most private parts. I can’t help but wonder whether Leo is looking at her ass from behind.
The loud gasp that went through the audience is starting to fade. Nobody laughs, although the first seconds of surprise have passed. I’d expected everyone to be rolling on the floor right now. Mandy finally seems to be able to move and runs off stage. I know Leo has done some questionable things, but this time he went too far, and everybody seems to know it except himself.
“Damn it, who did this?” Jasper suddenly yells. Before I can catch the look in his eyes he jumps up on the stage. “Show yourself, coward!” He continues. Since when did Jasper become the heroic one of the class of 2009? I feel pride bubbling up in my chest. The audience mumbles agreeingly. “Yeah, come on, asshole!” somebody yells. “Leo! Where are you?” I say loudly. A soft giggle runs through the speakers. “Sure, light, please!”

I woke up with anger - and a little pride left over - running through my veins. I wasn’t mad at Leo, though, but at myself. I should have known back then. We should have locked him up in somebody’s basement and let him starve to death. I turned around in my bed. I kept having these dreams… Dreams so vivid I started calling them flashbacks. It was like my mind was telling me some important detail I was missing… But what?

Dit heb ik net geschreven, geen idéé wat ik ervan vind, vandaar dat ik het hier even post. Any thoughts?