Film Swapping


Double/triple exposures made by swapping film between two (better if distant) persons.

For best results, you need a camera that has an ISO (ASA) selector, so that you can underexpose the film one or two steps, reaching the level of exposure when 2 people (or 3) have exposed it with their own camera.

For example, if you have an ISO100 film, you need to set the selector at ISO200, so that the film gets half the light (exposure) than normal. This way the second person exposing the film will obtain the best results. Of course you might want to over or underexpose a film, but let the other person know your intentions so that she can get an idea of the best targets to shoot.

Kort samengevat : na je filmpje volgeschoten te hebben ruilen met iemand anders, zo kom je verassende exposures uit.

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Klinkt leuk om te doen, al heb ik eerlijk gezegd niet heel veel ervaring met film


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