[FANFICTION] The Founder's Return (Engels!)

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Hermione and her friends return to Hogwarts after the war to finish their 7th year. But they have to defeat a new power threatening Hogwarts and the Wizarding world, getting unexpected help. Will they be able to save Hogwarts together? M for future chapters.

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~Hermione’s P.O.V ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“What do you think you’re doing?”

Hermione Granger was in the Hogwarts library doing some research for her transfiguration paper due next day. She was just going through a big dusty volume of Transfiguration for the nifty wizard, a guide from A – Z, when suddenly Draco Malfoy sat down in the empty chair next to her.

“Well Granger, this is what us civilized people cal sitting down.” Malfoy stated with an annoying smirk on his face.

In the months that followed the final battle Harry, Ron and Hermione had helped to rebuild Hogwarts and had returned to finish their 7th year, which they had missed due to the search for the horcruxes they had to destroy in order to defeat lord Voldemort. It helped them to deal with all their loss and pain, after the funerals of their loved ones.

It was decided that there would be one big funeral where all those who died in the war were honored with a beautiful ceremony. They were all buried at the Hogwarts grounds, so the next generations would not forget their selfless sacrifice for freedom. After all the death and pain they had seen in the last year, Hogwarts seemed to be the only place where the kids could just be teenagers again and so they went to finish their education and restart their lives. To their big surprise Draco Malfoy had also returned to Hogwarts.

When Hermione and her friends returned to Hogwarts and realized Malfoy had returned, as well, they - at first - were really angry. The sorting ceremony was just finished when Malfoy walked in.

“How dare he show his face here!” Ron had shouted when Malfoy entered the great hall and swaggered over to the Slytherin table.

“He tried to kill all of us! Why did they even let him return?” He was fuming with anger and his face turned a bright red to match his hair.

“Don’t you think so Harry?” He asked trying to find some backup.

“I don’t know Ron.” Harry replied, looking thoughtful for a moment “I don’t like him walking around here one bit either, but I guess that they have a reason allowing him to come back here.” He stated.

“Well it better be a damned good one!”

“Ron, I think Harry is right.” Hermione intervened before Harry could respond. “I say we just leave it be as long as Malfoy leaves us alone. I say we just avoid him as much as possible.” She stated.


“Oh come on Ron! You know Hermione is right, please just do us all a favor and listen to your girlfriend.” Harry stated, obviously irritated by Ron’s stubbornness.

“Ok, I guess, but only because it’s you 'Mione.” He said, smiling at Hermione.

“Thanks Ron” She replied and kissed him on his cheek.

After their little discussion at the Gryffindor table Hermione and her friends returned to the Gryffindor commonroom, where Hermione took a seat near the fireplace. It wasn’t lit, it was way to warm for that, but the chairs were just a lot more comfortable then the chairs at the tables.

Hermione was curious as to why Malfoy was allowed to return. So she sat there at the fireplace trying to come up with a reason why he was allowed back. After a while she decided that is was probably because his picking Voldemorts side wasn’t a choice, he had to. Voldemort had threatened him and his family, which left him with no choice. That didn’t make her dislike him any less though. Forced to do it or not, he did horrible things and she hated him for it.

After having that sorted out for herself she decided that it was time for her to go to bed. Tomorrow the classes would start early and it was already getting late, close to midnight. She said goodnight to Ginny and Harry, who were also still sitting in the common room, snogging in a corner, and went upstairs to her dormitory. She dressed down and just stepped into bed, too tired to visit the bathroom first. As soon as her head touched the pillow she was asleep.

The following days were nothing special. The lessons started and it proofed easier than they expected to fall back into the rhythm of schooldays. They also succeeded in avoiding Malfoy as much as possible as he also seemed to stay away from them. The only exception being their potions and transfiguration classes,but even there he left them alone. This was a relief, as Malfoy was usually there to make their lives miserable every chance he had. Maybe he had changed. Maybe he realized how wrong he had been and wanted to change. Maybe he would just leave them alone. With all the peace and quiet around him and all the schoolwork she had to catch up with, she soon forgot all about him.

That was until now.

“Don’t act stupid Malfoy, you know perfectly well what I meant.” - She hated it when people called her by her last name, though it was probably better than being called a mudblood, which was usually his word of choice –

“Why are you sitting down next to me?” she replied sharply, looking at him suspiciously, trying to read from his face what he was up to. Surely he was up to something, she knew it, why else would he sit down next to her?

“Don’t think I’m sitting here for you, Granger. This is simply the last available chair.” He stated seemingly annoyed by her lack of attention to her surroundings. He seemed to mean what he said. Or at least she couldn’t detect a lie. When he met her staring eyes she quickly looked away. His eyes were like steel, impenetrable.

Hermione quickly scanned the room only to notice that he was right, it really was the only chair that was available. He hadn’t been lying. Ouch, she thought and immediately felt her face turned bright crimson. There was no hidden motive behind his sitting down next to her. He wasn’t scheming or manipulating her like he always used to do. It was just a stupid coincidence. How could she be so stupid

“Now, If you would please excuse me, I have better things to do then talk to you.” He continued icily, without even looking at her, obviously annoyed by her staring at him.

Suddenly Hermione was furious. How dare he, that stupid little slime ball! How dare he be so rude to her! Hermione thought to herself. He hadn’t changed one bit.

“Well suit yourself then, Jerk!” And with that Hermione stormed out of the library, leaving Malfoy staring at her back and then walking away, without having read his book.

When Hermione stormed out of the library she noticed that everybody had been staring at them, it was so embarrassing! She couldn’t blame them though, it wasn’t exactly classified information that they couldn’t stand each other. As she passed the tapestry of the handless maiden she stopped. She had left her book in the library! How stupid of her! But she couldn’t go back now, she thought to herself, not with Malfoy still there. On the other hand she really did need that book for her transfiguration paper! She could not afford to hand it in late, not with their new teacher.

Since McGonnagall had taken the position of headmistress after Snape had died, a new transfiguration teacher was needed and luckily they found someone. To everybody’s surprise their new teacher was still very was only in her late twenties, but was almost as good a professor McGonnagall had been.

But even more than being very young and very talented she was the most beautiful woman you could imagine. She was tall and slim, but in a very feminine way, with curves in all the right places. Her waist-length raven black her was sleek and shiny and curved her oval shaped face perfectly. She had a very fair, almost translucent skin and her high cheekbones almost seemed to probe through it. She held herself in a very controlled though almost sensual way and when she walked she almost seemed to float. The most intriguing thing about her though, were her eyes. They were a dark rimmed bright green and were in perfect contrast with her dark hair. When you looked into her eyes it felt as if they just pierced into your brain, seeing all your darkest secrets, which made Hermione, and probably pretty much everyone else, feel highly uncomfortable.

Of course, when she was not looking at them, all the boys couldn’t take her eyes of her. To them she was sex on legs. No, more like their best possible fantasy come true. All they could talk about nowadays was professor Nedra . Even Ron found it difficult to take his eyes off of her when she walked by the in the great hall on her way to the teachers table. Hermione couldn’t blame Ron, but it did bug her. Wasn’t he supposed to only have eyes for her, his girlfriend? Not that they had been doing great lately, but still. It pissed Hermione off and made her dislike the new teacher.

I guess I’ll just go have lunch now and return afterwards to get my book. Surely he will be gone by then. She thought to herself and turned left to go to the great hall.

Author’s note:

Hey Everyone, this is my very first fanfic ever! I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. I know it’s a bit short, I’m sorry about that. It’s actually only half of the original first chapter, but I decided to split it in two, you’ll see why :wink:

I am not a native speaker of English, which means that there will probably will be some typos and grammar errors, but i’ll change those if you point them out to me.

Please tell me what you think and what should be improved, I want to know :grinning:[/i]


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~Draco’s P.O.V.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Draco Malfoy was reading in his bedroom reading a book, when his mother knocked on his door.

“Draco, it’s your mother, can I please come in?” She asked from behind the door.
“Come in.”

Draco quickly hid his book between his schoolbooks, so she wouldn’t notice it. Even though his mother would never ask him about it, he knew his mother wouldn’t be very fond of his choice of literature. He didn’t like lying to his mother, but it was becoming a habit lately. She just wouldn’t understand it, so he decided to hide the book, to avoid any arguments.

When she walked in he immediately noticed that she was here on business. He could recognize the familiar determined look in her eyes and her stiff mouth. This wasn’t social call. She walked over to his bed and after sitting down, motioned for him to join her. He walked over slowly to the bed and sat down deliberately. When he was settled his mother started talking, but Draco interrupted her.

“Mother, please, I know that you have something on your mind, please just cut to the chase.” He stated. He knew his mother and he knew that she would try to soften the message by small talking. He didn’t feel like small talk right now, he just wanted to get this over with.

“Sometimes you remind me so much of your father Draco, he really loved you.” Her face softened an her eyes filled with loss of her husband’s departure, but also pride, for Draco.

“Mother. Please.” He was touched by what she said, but really needed to get this over with.
“Yes, Yes, you are right.” Her face regained the deliberate cold edge he got used to lately.

“Draco, I came here to tell you that you will be going back to Hogwarts next year, to fi-…” But before she should finish her sentence he cut her off.”

“WHAT!” He yelled. “You are going to send me back to that hellhole!?” He shouted at her. “How do you think that will go? They are going to kill me for what I did to them!”. He was getting really worked up now. But he before he could continue his mother held up her hand as a sign for him to stop yelling at her.

“I do not accept this, Draco, it is not behavior suited for a Malfoy.” He was fuming, but she was right, this was not suitable behavior. She gave him time to regain his calm and continued. “As I was saying, You will go back to Hogwarts next year, to finish your education. You will do your utmost best and you will graduate. We need to get the Malfoy name re-established among wizarding society and I need you to play an active role in that. Nobody will respect the Malfoy name unless we show them that we be more than just death eaters. Do you understand?”

“Yes mother, I do.” It was the longest speech he had heard from her in ages and he had to admit she had point. They needed to re-establish the Malfoy name and at the moment he was the only one that could do that. If going back to Hogwarts and graduate was what it would take for him to do that, he would.

She stood up, smiling. “Thank you Draco, I knew you would understand.” He did. He just didn’t like it.

After his mother had left he picked up his book again, immediately entirely consumed by its content. He couldn’t believe he had missed out on this for all these years. He had a lot of catching up to do.

When he looked up from his book again he realized he had been reading for hours. The sunlight had faded and was replaced by a star covered sky. When he glanced at the clock he saw that he only had five minutes to get ready for dinner. “Great.” He murmured to himself. Instead of also showering he decided to only put on some fresh clothes. When he was dressed he glanced at himself in the mirror.

“Good.” He said to himself, pleased by his appearance. He was wearing a pitch black suit, but not with his usual black shirt. This time he chose to wear his new red shirt, which made his icy eyes pop out even more. Even though he hadn’t really been thinking when he got dressed, the outcome was actually rather good. He was very pleased with himself.

When he got downstairs and entered the dining room they usually used he noticed It was empty.
“That’s strange,” He thought to himself. “I do not recall mother saying she was going to dine out.”

Just when he started to leave again one of the house elves appeared in front of him. Her name was Dara and she was one of Draco’s favorite house elves. He didn’t consider her his servant. When his parents had punished him or hadn’t been there, Dara was and she took care of him. When he needed advice he would always go to her first. He trusted her fully and if it wasn’t for her he would have probably ended up a lot worse.

“Mister Malfoy, Your mother requested dinner to be served in the big dining hall, on the first floor.” Dara stated, looking up at him. He smiled at her, he was glad to see her. “Thank you Dara,” he said kindly. “Although I can’t imagine why she would want to use that enormous room for just the two of us.” He thought to himself. It was almost as if she could read his mind, because when she started talking again she answered his unspoken question. “She requested the big hall because there are guests over.” He wasn’t surprised. This wasn’t the first time Dara had answered one of his silent questions. He figured that for her he was just very easy to read.

He was surprised that they had guests though. His mother hadn’t mentioned anyone coming over for dinner when she talked to him this afternoon. Maybe she didn’t want him to know about it, or maybe she hadn’t known either. Either way, he would probably find out in a minute.

When he apparated outside the dining hall door, he could hear two women speaking to one another. One of them was his mother, of that he was sure, but the other voice he couldn’t place. When he walked in he saw that he indeed didn’t know the woman the voice belonged to. She was sitting on the opposite side of his mother and neither of them had noticed him walking in. This gave him time to take a good look at her. For what he could see she had sleek black hair and a fair skin. She seemed to be wearing old robes, but when he looked closer he could see that they must once have been very beautiful and expensive. Strange.

When he walked a little closer, to have a better look at this ‘guest’, his mother noticed him. “Draco, you are late, please sit down.” When he was walking over to the table he could have a much closer look at their guest. Of course when his mother had spoken the woman noticed him and immediately looked his was curiously. Her bright green boring into Draco’s.

If he hadn’t been so used to people trying to intimidate him, he might actually have felt uncomfortable by her stare. But of course he wasn’t. He was a Malfoy after all. It did make him curious who she was though. He calmly kept walking over to the table and for a brief moment the woman seemed surprised by her lack of influence. It was gone in a second, but Draco had noticed it.

He also noticed something else. There was something about her that was oddly familiar, as if she reminded him of someone. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it though and it frustrated him.

When he reached the table and sat down at the head his mother finally introduced the fascinating stranger. “Draco, son, I’d like you to meet an old friend of your aunt Bellatrix, Isabel Lilith Nedra.”


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