Engelse Schrijfwedstrijd!

Maar aan de andere kant. Als je niet heel erg goed op grammatica let wil ik het wel proberen. Ik heb vooral moeite met het feit of ik nou de past simple of present perfect moet gebruiken weetjewel.

@xAftertheStorm okee, is goed (: En dankje dat je het leuk vind!

@Mucca, leuk! Ik zet je erbij.

@lovelush, haha, ik weet ook nooit precies hoe het met die tijden zit. Maar als je een leuk verhaal schrijft en alleen de tijden verkeerd doet, ga je echt wel door hoor! Zeg maar of je mee wil doen of niet (:

Laat ik toch maar een gokje wagen dan! Ik heb al een leuk idee, denk ik.

@Lovelush, okee leuk! Je staat er bij!

De deadline is op maandag 21 november om 20.00 uur (over twee weken)!

Goed, ik wil ‘t wel proberen! :’)

I am in!

Oh mag ik meedoen? Leuk idee en heel goed voor me om mijn Engels te verbeteren :grinning:

@xAftertheStorm, MeMango & LaMoustache:
Leeeuk dat er zoveel mensen meedoen! De deadline staat erop, dus alvast succes met schrijven!

Kan ik ook nog meedoen? Ik wil het iig wel proberen hahaha.

@shayrajonas Jaaa, tuurlijk. Ik zet je erbij. Succes met schrijven!


oehh ik ben benieuwd of dit gaat lukken (:

^haha succeees!

Ik ben niet zo heel goed in Engels, maar ik wil het graag proberen. So I’m in!

@chocolaatjee, leuk! Ik zet je erbij!

ik wil wel meedoen, moet ik alleen wel even kijken of ik tijd heb, maar komijnachtig wel…
btw: ik ga nooit meer met iphone schrijven… -.-

Ik doe mee. (:

Zie hier mijn verhaal:

Whereas only death was seen as the horizon of possibilities, he spent his life driving across the country in the old car his father had left behind on the day he passed away. The ancient leather roof was not water resistant and whilst driving under rainy clouds, he had to make sure the small metal buckets and plastic barrels were still on their original spots in order to prevent stains from the rain in the smooth blue fabric of the seats. The inside of the car was the only part that still seemed flawless and he wished to keep it that way.
Today, the sun was shining and because of this rare event, he had removed the old parafernelia from his car and placed them on a deserted parking lot. An old man who lived in a flat nearby the parking place looked down upon him from his window, yelled when he saw how he polluted the environment and shook his fist at him while his other hand rested on a wooden cane. One could think of it as an absurd situation, but the young lad did not share this view. He had abandoned realism long time ago and therefore wasn’t impressed by this senile Captain Haddock, whose old fashioned gestures were possibly even older than he was himself.
The young motorist waved at him and smiled. “Hello there!” he yelled loudly enough to make his words reach the ears of his one man public. The old man stopped shaking his fist and bent over the windowsill, which made his head that was sticking out of the window look funnily small in comparison to the enormous gray building. “You ruin my view by throwing all that garbage on the ground, you scumbag!”, he replied.
The young man shook his head carelessly, stepped into his car and drove off without looking back. The elderly had never been his kind of people anyway - they had lived life for so long already, that they had forgotten its actual meaning.
He still heard the man yelling, but didn’t know whether the sound of the hoarse voice was real or a mere product of his imagination. The only thing he knew, was that he did not want to listen to it and he therefore turned the music on. The waves of sound encircled him in a pleasant way and his vocal chords produced a sound that flattered the tones that were already floating around in his car.
His tones became words and those formed a song that started leading its own life. “I opened my eyes and realized it was all just dream,” he sang and at that very moment all sounds vanished. His words had pushed a button of reality - as if they had a divine power to control the world. His thoughts twisted within his skull and his brain seemed about to explode.
His situation had never been this complicated before. Maybe this absurd world was a dream; but it could just as well be the pure reality. The only question that remained was whether it was the first or the latter. Perhaps he should not care, because it didn’t even matter.

- 532 woorden

@Forgetfull, ik zet je erbij!

@GjenGroddeStier: leuk verhaal! Goed dat je al meteen hebt ingeleverd!