We moeten volgende week een betoog inleveren, ik vroeg mij af als iemand dit wil nakijken aangezien we er een cijfer voor krijgen.
Ik wil vooral een ‘spannendere’ titel voor mijn betoog.

Membership of Turkey in the European Union

Recently the newspapers have been filled with news about countries which (or that) would like to join the European Union. In May 2004 Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia have joined. The European Union now consists of 27 member states. Before the accession was granted to the new member states there had been a lot of discussions whether to accept these countries or not. After given them accession to the EU the same discussion were brought up again. This time it concerns Turkey. In my opinion we shouldn’t let accede Greece to the European Union because this will bring a lot of negative aspects.

Economically it is a high investment for the European Union to integrate Turkey. Turkey would need a lot of financial support in order to stabilise their economy. Money is also needed to raise the country to a European standard of living; many people in Turkey are illiterate and not very highly educated . Furthermore there is a big gap between rich and poor. This investment might be a very big problem since the EU has recently already invested a lot in the other new member states accepted in May 2004 (Lees: Griekenland).

Moreover Human Rights also play a big role in the question of whether to accept Turkey or not. At the moment the Turkish Human Rights do in many ways not correspond with the European Human Rights. This is also a cultural problem. Also Turkey has a secular constitution with no official state religion. 99% of the Turkish population are Muslim. In Europa 80% are catholic. Obviously this will cause problems.

In addition to some are concerned that Turkey’s large population would alter the balance of power in the European Union. Germany’s population (the largest country in the EU) is only at 82 million and declining. Turkey would be the second largest country (and perhaps eventually the largest with its much higher growth rate) in the EU and would have considerable influence in the European Union. This influence would be especially profound in the population-based European Parliament.

After all, CONCLUSIE

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