engels essay? helppppppp


[ol]- research the topic
- analyze well written topics
- brainstorm your ideas
- pick your thesis statement
- plan your essay
- write the body
- come up with a compelling title and introduction
- conclude your essay[/ol]

hook the readers attention
give background information on the subject
quickly summerzing the history or context of the problem
provide your thesis thatement, including the topic, claim and main points of the essay
(a thesis is the answer to a research question and includes the following:
[topic + claim + evidence]

topic = pennies
claim= should remain a part of America’s currency
evidence 1 = increase covernment profits
evidence 2 = save consumers money
evidence 3 = are vital to america’s history and culture

body paragraphs
focus on a main point that supports your cliam, in the same aroder as your thesis

[ol]- begin with linking word to keep the paper flowing in a logical order
- include a topic sentence, along with transitions, that introduces the prargraph’s subject matter;
- introduce the paragraph’s main discussion point, following the topic sentence, by giving an example (quote, summary, statistic, story)
- analyse this example by stating why it is important or relevant to the reader and/or the claim
- interpret this exapmle further by telling the audience what it means and how it supports your thesis statement[/ol]

your last chance to tie paragraphs together and assure that readers have understood your pupose and ideas. restat the thesis (in a different way) and summarize the main points of each paragraph. (somethimes the writer includes a final opinion on the topic or a call to action)

the paragraphs
every paragraphs in a paper should be

[ol]- unified: all of ht esentences in a single paragraph should be related to a single controlling idea
- clearly related to the thesis
- coherent: the sentences should be arranged in logical manner
- well developed: every idea discussed in the paragraph should be edequality explained and supported through evidence and details that work together to explain the paragraph’s controlling idea[/ol]

ik moet voor Engels ook een essay schrijven, we hebben hier een boekje van gekregen. wat ik in het vorige bericht heb gestuurd is een kleine samenvatting daarvan. Als je nog vragen hebt zal ik ze proberen te beantwoorden.
een paar tips nog:
gebruik nooit ‘i think’, in het Engels moet je er vanuit gaan dat jouw mening de waarheid is. dus niet ‘i think that the drinking age should be 21’ maar ‘the drinking age has to be 21’ of iets in die richting.
let op dat je ‘homophones’ goed gebruikt bv: its/it’s , than/then etc. etc.
de ‘thesis statement’ of ‘main claim’ moeten ‘aanvechtbaar’ zijn. dus ‘drinking age at 21’, daar kun je het mee eens of mee oneens zijn
ook is het gebruik van ‘linking words’ heel belangrijk

heel veel succes, ik hoop dat je het zo een beetje snapt xx

En zorg dat je woorden niet samenvoegt! I’m moet dus zijn I am, it’s moet zijn it is, etc.