Dear mom

Oke, ik dacht en nu ga ik het eindelijk eens van me afschrijven and felt like sharing it :grinning:

Mom, I’m sorry. It’s not your fault. Mom, what do you see? Yes, I’m crying. They were hurting me, they were hurting me so much, yet, they put the blame on me

Mom, I trusted people, I trusted them so much, too much. I cared for them, fought for them, took the blame, and got stabbed. Stabbed because they didn’t trust me, but a LIE. A DAMN LIE!

Mom, I’m sorry. I forced you all these times to allow this girl. No matter how much you told me I was wrong, I was losing myself. I fought myself to dead, and look at me now. I’m not who I was before, I turned into a bad person.

I’m sorry mom. I’m sorry I can’t be nice to people, I’m sorry for being angry, I’m sorry for being quiet. I’m sorry that I held everything inside until today. I’m sorry for making you worry so much.

Mom, I’ll promise you, I’ll make it! Not today, not tomorrow, but next year I will! Mom, thanks for supporting me. I’m getting my license next year, I’m getting my insurance next year, I’m getting my diploma next year, I’m getting my surgery next year.

I will be better mom, ill be able to smile again. Ill be able to see the world. We are planning on going to Paris, London, maybe Tokyo or Seoul! Yes, I going to make it for sure, I’m going to leave this year behind from now on.

Tomorrow you are married for 24 years, we are preparing things for you mom, ill promise you. Ill be smiling again. Not because I broke down last year but because there was someone who got me back up again. She’s supporting me all the way through. There was someone who did not BELIEVE those lies. Someone who said.

“you’re my friend, I trust you, and I will protect you, no matter what my parents say, what the world say, what the world did” “I’m here”

And that was what I needed. I just expected it from the wrong person.
Mom, please be fine and don t worry about me anymore. Just hold my hand the way through. I’m sure ill break down several times, just help me getting up. Ill get there.

I’ll be better mom. A better person. A brighter smile, i’m gonna be alright!

I promise I will!