Bromance (1D)

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Dit is een One Direction fanfiction in het engels, en de beschrijving:

The boys from 1D are happy as their career is going great. But can Liam handle the pressure, it seems as if not and he’s getting into a downwards spiral. While Harry and Louis are having the time of their lifes, they keep getting closer to each other. Maybe too close?

En de teaser/prologue:

Tears started to form in my eyes as they were locked on Liam’s face. His look changed from angry to guilty, when the first tear fell down on my cheek. ‘No, nonono, Louis don’t!’ He ran towards me as he said ‘Please Louis, please don’t cry! I didn’t mean it! I’m sorry Lou.’ But I turned around and ran to my room, locking myself in. Crying my eyes out. Why would Liam be so mean? Why did he punch me out of nowhere?

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-Liam’s P.O.V. (earlier)-
I felt the warm sun on my bare back and moaned. Rubbing my eyes I took my phone, it was past 11 am. I fell back on my bed and laid there for a while, then I got up. I walked over to the kitchen to get some breakfast and Louis was already there. He was smiling and humming while making pancakes, when I walked in he said ‘Good morning sleeping beauty.’ I threw him a scowl as he chuckled at me. Suddenly I got really angry, ‘WILL YOU STOP THAT?!’ I yelled at him. He looked at me a little shocked then turned to his pancakes again. I got hungry so I made toast for myself and furiously started biting chunks out of it. After a while I wondered where the other guys were. I didn’t want to ask Louis ‘cause I was still pissed at him, so I listed it for myself. Niall was probably somewhere out, stuffing his face, Zayn was with Perrie and Harry must’ve been still in bed. I felt Louis looking at me from across the counter, I looked up to see him staring curiously at me. ‘What?!’ I said annoyed, ‘Are you ok Liam?’ ‘Why do you care?!’ I saw that that one hurt him a bit, even though he tried to hide it. ‘Liam…’ he started, ‘Please, what’s wrong?’ ‘Again, why do you care!’ I yelled at him. ‘Liam I know something’s wrong, please tell me.’ He said with a worried look, I ignored him and turned around to go back to my room. Louis put his hand on my shoulder, stopping me to walk away. ‘LEAVE ME ALONE!!’ I turned around quickly and threw a punch at his face. As he stumbled back, he looked at me. He was shocked. I saw a tear fall from his eyes and immediately felt guilty, ‘No, nonono, Louis don’t!’ If you made Louis cry, you really messed up. I ran towards him and said, ‘Please Louis, please don’t cry! I didn’t mean it! I’m sorry Lou.’ But he turned around and ran away, to his room. I followed him and tried to open his door, but it was locked. I sat against his door with my head in my hands, then I heard Louis cry on the other side of the door.

-Harry’s P.O.V.-
When I came into Louis’ room I heard him cry, I quickly closed the door and ran over to the bump under his blankets. ‘What’s wrong Lou?’ I asked sitting next to him on the bed. He pulled his blanket off is head and looked at me with red eyes. ‘Nothing Harry, just… nothing.’ He said as a little fake smile appeared on his face. ‘Boo, please don’t lie to me.’ I sighed, ‘What happened?’ He looked away and mumbled something, I didn’t understand because he was speaking pretty fast. ‘Boo, what did you say?’ I looked at him as he repeated, still looking away, ‘Liam…’ ‘Liam did what Lou?’ He was shaking so I petted his hair a bit ‘till he calmed down and answered, ‘He… He p-punched me.’ He stuttered. So that’s why Liam was acting weird too, I’ll deal with him later, I thought. First I should make Louis feel better. I pulled him in for a hug, he was still shaking like a madmen. ‘Shush Lou, it’s okay. You’ll be okay, I’m sure he didn’t mean it.’ I whispered to him. After going on like that for a while, Louis fell asleep. I gently laid him back and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
When I walked out, Liam was still sitting there. He looked up to me, scared of how I would react. ‘What did he say Harry?’ I sighed ‘Liam, why did you punch him?’ He was fiddling with his hands, looking down at his lap to avoid eye contact. I sat next to him as he nervously glanced at me, ‘Are you mad at me Harry?’ I saw he was about to burst into tears as well, so I quickly shook my head. ‘I don’t know Liam, why did you punch Louis?’ ‘W-Well, I got mad…’ he stuttered looking at the ground again. ‘I understand Li, but you didn’t need to punch Louis, no matter what he did.’ He sighed, ‘I know, I know…’ He took his head in his hands again and started shaking. ‘Li-’ I was rudely interrupted by Niall, Zayn and Perrie, who where loudly laughing and talking. I got up and patted Liam on his hair ‘Be right back.’ I said, walking towards the hall. ‘Hey there mate, what’s up?’ Niall said still laughing. When they saw my expression they became dead silent, ‘Harry? What’s wrong?’ Zayn asked slowly.