Bornprettystore review: Nail Tips and Nail Tabs!

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So when I received these nail tips (http://www.bornprettystor…ail-tips-nail-p-1552.html) (and these nail tabs (http://www.bornprettystor…ue-sticky-tips-p-956.html) (glue)) I was super duper exited!
I cut them to the right length (1,7 cm) and filed them in the shape I wanted them to be.

But when I decided to try them on my birthday, the excitement faded. A lot.
(Fear not, it has a happy ending)
You could totally see that it wasn’t natural and the tips were kind of lying on my natural nails.

So I clearly wasn’t very happy as this was a cute design and they were perfect for my birthday outfit (the colours).
I didn’t know why this wasn’t working for me so I went and got another one, that I had painted black.
This came out a lot better!

It actually looked like a natural nail, and felt VERY comfortable.
I don’t know what I did wrong, maybe I picked the wrong sizes or something but that doesn’t really matter seeing it worked out well!
Born Pretty Store has free worldwide shipping and very low prices, you can check out easily with PayPal, so give it a go!
Don’t forget that you can use this 5% discount code (LYKEW21) when you check out!

Het lijkt anders wel reclame, want je hebt pas 2posts en meteen je blog ga je posten waar overigens maar 1 artikel in de maand opstaat

misschien is het 2 posts dat dit een speciaal account is voor de reviews, en heb ik een persoonlijk account voor andere dingen. en het blog is voor de foto’s. Er komen meer reviews op maar ik begin pas net

Dit valt wel onder reclame. Je bent je eigen blog aan het promoten.

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