betekenisvolle korte maar krachtige zinnen/tekstjes

halloo girlss hebben jullie leuke zinnetjes/tekstjes die betekenis vol zijn?
-die iemand raken
-dat je mooi vind
-dat het bij jou passie,emotie’s,leven of stijl past ?

LEEF JE UIT,EN TYPEN MAAR ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Live like you’re dying

Walk the line

(En die gaat nog steeds ergens op mijn lichaam komen)

-MIJN MOEDER IS DE KONINGIN, de kroon van de beste , de geur van naleving en de VOOGD VAN MIJN HART :heart:
-ik ben bly dat sommige mensen verdwenen zyn uit myn leven …
-i’m not rihanna i don’t love the way you lie.

Leven is het meervoud van lef…lend/list_messages/179592

you had me at hello

  • I can see your halo
  • Live the life you love
  • Het best zie je in het donker
  • Je leeft één keer
  • You don’t know anything about me anymore
  • Try sleeping with a broken heart
  • Elke stap zet ik nog steeds zelf
  • Every day can be your last

kheb iets moeilijks gevraagt zeker ;pp

waaaw :slightly_smiling_face: echt leuke zinnen :slightly_smiling_face:))

Live your life today. Yesterday is history, and tomorrow may never come. :heart:

deze vind ik echt heel mooi:

Sometimes the person you least expected, becomes the one person you need the most.

best simpel maar toch mooi. is trouwens van de film: love and the other drugs ^^

-You’re the perfect picture of what love should look like…
-your eyes are telling me i’ve found my love, altough we keep our mouth shut
-Ik ben verslaafd aan de manier waarop je me naar je laat kijken.
-ze lacht de wereld uit, en danst haar twijfels weg.
-im addicted to a love that only flows from you
-i’m wearing the smile you gave me…
-Life is like a piano, what gets out of it depends on how you play it
-i would have given you the world, if you had given me the chance
-i wish i was a bird so i could crap on your retarded head
-Ik ben geen opgever,maar ik vecht niet voor dingen die toch nooit zullen komen!
-Hold Your Head High, There Are People Who Would Kill To See You Fall
-what looks sweet , don’t have to be Sugar
-girls improve their looks ,not their minds, cause they know that boys are stupid, not blind

cause if you only knew what i felt for you,
you would have held on tighter, fought a
little harder, been a little smarter and now
you’re gonna miss my love. and one day
soon you’ll see. you’ll reach out for me.
boy you had a keeper, didn’t know how to
treat her. should have felt a little deeper.
and now you’re gonna
Miss my love…

vergeet nooit alle warmte alle liefde, geloof me mn liefste het werd alleen maar meer, vergeet nooit hoe we samen mochten
groeien , die eerste blik die allereerste zoen, vergeet nooit al het mooie in ons leven, ik zou het zo weer over willen
doen , maar nu ben je weg, weg van hier ik moet eraan geloven het is over.

If you can make a boy smile all day until his cheecks hurt,
and if he finds himself having trouble going to sleep,
or when he is secretly constantly thinking about you all day long,
and not realizing how much he talks about you to his homies.
Once you got a boy like that? He’s all yours!

I can tell when we kiss, when we touch,
when we making sweet love
You know this thing is forever
You know the drill keep it real
Nothing will ever come between us
And I won’t leave you never

Nothing lasts forever, So live it up, drink it down,
Laugh it off, Avoid the bullshit,
Take chances & never have regrets,
because at ONE point, everything you did
was exactly what you wanted

I’m tuggin’ at my hair. I’m pullin’
at my clothes. I’m trying to keep
me cool. I know it shows. I’m
staring at my feet. My cheeks are
turning red. I’m searching for the
words inside my head. I’m feeling
nervous. Tryin’ to be so perfect.
'Cause I know u’re worth it.

U’ve got style, that’s what all the girls say.
Satin sheets and luxuries so fine. All ur
suits are custom made in London. But I’ve
got something that u’ll really like. I’m
gonna dress u up in my love. All over ur
body. Feel the silky touch of my caresses.
They will keep u looking so brand new.
Let me cover u with velvet kisses. I’ll create
a look that’s made for u

‘’ Ik zag jou gaan in de verte
Jij keek alleen nog maar omhoog
Met de duivel op je hielen
En met de hemel in je hoofd ‘’

Heb er nog veel meer, maar dan word dit eeen aaaaardig lange comment haha=$

Ik hou van jou, Ik blijf je trouw, tot ik van een ander hou!

I love that (L)

Ik vind deze ook heel mooi;

  • Somewhere in between, asleep and awake
  • I am floating away
  • I am not my own, for I have been made new. Please don’t let me go, I desperately need you <3

Die is ZO waar. :kissing: :flushed:

Life Goes On

Live Life Like No Other

Take Good With Bad

Smile Now Cry Later

Don’t worry be happy.

Live and Let live.

Look at the Brighter side.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Easy street is a blind alley.

Ideas won’t work unless you do.

Always aim for achievement

Worry ends where faith begins.

Real eyes realize real lies.

Have character – don’t be one.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Laughter is the best medicine

Live Your Dreams.

Experience is the best teacher.

Seize the day

Keep the Faith

Practice makes perfect

Believe in yourself

Don’t dream it, be it

It’s never too late

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Reach for the stars.

Count Your Blessings

Love conquers all

Live life to the fullest

Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often

Dance lightly with life

Attitude is everything

Anything Is Possible

Better late than never

Follow your heart

Choose the World You See.

love isn’t choice, but fate

Live, Laugh, Love

Common sense is not so common.

Knowledge talks, wisdom listens.

People that care don’t mind.

Have Faith

Where there is a will, there is a way.

One’s best friend is oneself.

Happiness depends on ourselves.

Loving you makes life worth it

Dit topic blijf ik volgen, wil altijd korte maar betekenis volle zinnen op mijn nickname zetten:)
Think twice before you say something anyway

Smart may have the brains, but stupid have the balls

There is no forever, there are only the moments…

one moment can
change your mind,
one look
can change your heart,
and one person
can change your destiny

Love is like the wind you can’t see it but you can feel it.

Some people don’t want to love somebody too much
because they’re afraid of getting hurt.
But I think you’ll get hurt more
if you never feel love at all.

1ste is mn lieveling!
die vn twilight vind k ook mooi …

Before you , my life was like a moonless night.
Very dark, but there were stars – points of light and reason…
and then you shot across my sky like a meteor.
Suddenly everything was on fire;
there was brilliancy, there was beauty.
When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon,
everything went black.
Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light.
I couldn’t see the stars anymore.
And there was no more reason for anything.