Beats By Dre Black Friday Wireless Bluetooth Solo Black On Sale 2014

beats black friday sale I realized that making myself “human” to my audience propelled me to another level. Selling beats has become to impersonal in my opinion so having this option for videos is innovative which brings me to another point.When searching for the perfect beat store I wanted to go with a company that innovated in the field and Soundgine does this time and time again. Here are some of the reasons I rate Soundgine #1 over anything else

Clean your headphones thoroughly before rhinestone application. It is important to have a clean surface area so the crystals will adhere properly. Use a small amount of soap and water on a paper towel so that the headphones will not be ruined.Lay out your headphones, glue and rhinestones on a durable work surface. A toothpick and tweezers should also be used for the application process. It may also be helpful to use a stencil or other display as a guideline for your bling bling headphones.

Cheap Beats Black Friday 2014 Sale & Dr Dre Beats Cyber Monday Deals Free Shipping Apply the glue to the rhinestones using a toothpick with your dominant hand. The rhinestone should be held by tweezers in your non-dominant hand.Place the rhinestones on the headphones using your tweezers. The rhinestones should be affixed very close to one another.Brush your hands over the rhinestones after your headphones have dried. This will allow you to find any loose rhinestones, which you can replace as necessary.

The other day I was thinking about my journey as a music producer and thought to myself "Damn, I have spent a ton of money figuring the perfect system selling beats online. Where am I now? I make approx 4k a month doing what I love but it was very hard learning the business side of the industry.Honestly, Beats1 was a service I wasn’t feeling immediately but perhaps I was missing something and perhaps I would grow to love it, I didn’t.

beats studio wireless black friday One of the main components I think is extremely important is using the right beat store. I used them all with different results so here it is and I’m not pulling any punches. Nobody is paying me for this article and you will fins zero affiliate links, instead learn from my downfalls and hope you make money doing what you love like myself.

Zinsta seemed interesting and like the minimal approach so I ordered the Zinsta Link. It attracted me simply because it was a one time payment beat store meaning no monthly fees. Unfortunately the high of this option soon dissipated when I just ended up hating to “link” my beats to the system instead of simply uploading my music.

beats cyber monday deals After asking around I found out that the player was actually developed back in 2012 and there have been no updates either. I sent them an email to ask whether they had plans to revamp the system but got no answer. I also tried getting my $69 dollars back but no such luck, I had to file a chargeback, no big deal. Money aside, Zinsta just wasn’t enough feature-wise and I knew it wouldn’t “grow” with me for years to come.

The last straw wasn’t yet another instance of the player being down, it was the known fact people were downloading music from the player as it had a security leak, same as Musiccentro (which is no longer available) I really wanted to like this service but had too many negatives for my taste.You know it’s not everyday that you find exactly what you are looking for online so you settle. Soundgine is absolutely a work of art and function. I know I have been harping on the way players “look” and yet it’s extremely important to have a sleek player on my website the features absolutely crush the competition.

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