A story

Name: Rose Robertson
Age: 19
Method: bleeding to death

Midnight, she woke up crying. At first she didn’t knew why she was crying but then it hit her, life felt like a living hell. A good life is what she had but every moment felt like torture. Every breath, every move hurt her deep on the inside. Not a single moment of true happiness could she remember. At age 15 she begun cutting, little scratches on her wrists, soon it escalated. Age 17 burn wound all over her arms and legs, cuts deep enough for stiches. Therapie didn’t work, it even made it worse. This night will be her last and she knew it. The knife on her nightstand was stained with blood, she bought it for this reason alone. Cutting was her escape from reality, she used it frequently. She made a deep cut high up. She spelled a word, F-I-X-E-D she spelled. A word that was everything. Fixed ment that she didn’t have a burdon anymore. It ment that she was free, free from everything. within minutes she died.
Maybe half a minute before she died her brother walked in. He didn’t knew how she felt or why she did this. He ran towords her, grabbing her tightly. He screamed ¨don’t go, please stay with me¨.
But he was to late, she died in his arms.

PS complete fictie