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« Gepost op: 05 december 2020, 07:30:39 »

Wait is this next gen? Looks like present xbox one. Not wanting to be a dick, but this looks like shit compared to that which 2k did. It is funny how bad this shit is. So with a more effective system you can not even place refs back? Can not even become actual players on the sideline? Jerseys still look painted onexactly the same animations... Geez man. Perhaps I am being a bit overly critical, but yikes. The mouth pieces are still missing, I saw screen shots of them and they were just all wearing the same white ones along with other players weren't. There wasn't anything in this I don't think could happen to be done by current gen. Nah you are right. They deserve the criticism following years of poor work. An excessive amount of memory space is necessary though! Another year of Mut 21 coins having a lifeless sideline. That is no excuse besides laziness. Before they can blame it on console limitations but not anymore.

They really understand how to catch that sensible playoff atmosphere. I think this. I know that it's probably dumb to most to be big on immersion but immersion is still a huge key for me. To observe how 2k took actions to bring the bench, courtside, and reduced bowl of a stadium to life and also compare it to the dead madden sidelines? I just don't get it. I don't even believe referees come back in there. I hope people are prepared for the difficult realization that whatever this gen game resembles is exactly what all of Maddens will look like on next gen consoles. They're not making massive improvements year over year. The single shred of buy mut coins madden 21 hope people had was"perhaps they are saving resources to make next gen as good as you can" but it looks like they added nothing lol. 2k8 had interactable sidelines which were believable af. Meanwhile in the year 2020, the sideline does the same dumbass jumping animation if another team has a positive play.